Sunday, March 16, 2014

Family party

Yesterday my cousins had a 65th birthday party for their mom. Our family get togethers are always fun.
The food was delicious! 

Little K ate soo much! Of course starting with the grilled peppers and tomatoes. Sausages, fried calamari, Then pasta and Parmesan by the spoon fulls! And some hen and lamb! Yum! 

As little k was eating he would turn around to call his great grandfather to let him see how he's eating so much. Ha! 

The kids were so cute and they just love eachothers company! 

I love this picture of the girls. Such a strong supportive group of women. Women with strong family values that always put their family first, respect others and are always there for you the second you call. We are a strong family, a family that offers support not advice or pressure and always always puts love and family first. Something I'm learning to really respect.  I'm soo grateful for my roots! As a parent now I respect my grandparents and parents for all that they have taught us. I hope to be such a good example for my son too. 

Our family has been through so much. We have shed many tears together, tears of great sadness of loss and tears of happiness in miracles. 

Yesterday I looked over at my aunt and felt so emotional seeing her up beat, healthy, smiling, enjoying her food, enjoying our family together. Last year we were in a very different place. Unsure of what will happen as she fought liver disease in the ICU. But. Miracles do happen and she received her liver transplant and this picture I will treasure. How amazing does she look! Another family trait I inherited... We don't give up easily. We fight. We fight till we have nothing left and hope for that miracle.

Some more pics of the party 

Ha! My poor brother, grew up with 2 sisters now 2 daughters. A pro and playing barbies. 

Cuddles with my little niece. She was so cute and even trying to reach for me from across  the room! Love her! 

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