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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mini trip to Washington D.C

Our 7 year anniversary is next week! We decided to take a early anniversary trip as a family. We had many friends tell us that they loved Washington trips with their families. So we decided to check it out! 

A 8 hour drive for us. We left Thursday night, drove 4 hours and stayed at a hotel in Pennsylvania to rest that night. 

Little k was already enjoying his adventure. He is such a good traveller. 

The next morning we woke up early, had breakfast and headed back on the road. 

What a view! 

We arrived in Washington Friday afternoon. We stayed at the Embassy Suites. We booked a 2 room suite so we had a bedroom and living room which was great. 

As soon as we got there, we dropped off our luggage, freshened up and headed out! 

The next 8 hours we just walked and walked. Ha!

There is soooooo much to do in Washington. 2 days is soo not enough. 

See pics below! 

First evening we walked through China town and had dinner and then kept on walking! 

We walked to Captial Hill, Washington monument, Lincoln memorial and reflecting pool. 
Little k was sleeping through the first part of our walk. 

(Dress old navy, wedge flip flops Aldo's) 
Smoothie from a food truck... Let me tell you, there are sooooo many food trucks there at National Mall, pretty much everything you can think of, it's probably there. 
Mr woke up at the right time, he threw a coin and made a wish ;)

Reflecting pool, beautiful. 

Washington monument.

Lincoln memorial 

The next day we continued our walk. Our hotel Ebassy Suites had an awesome breakfast included. It was perfect to fill us up before we headed out to see the White House and national air and space museum...

I thought the White House was bigger than what it was. Not much to see from the outside anyway but now we can say we have been there! Haha. 
(Dress Old Navy, belt Winners, shoes TOMS wedge sandal) 

Little k was such a good sport, he had a few toddler moments but overall he was a great sport sightseeing! 

The best part of the weekend for Kristian was the National air and space museum! He was sooo excited. He is still talking about it. 

That evening as we walked to dinner, little k fell asleep. And was out the whole dinner ha! 
(Tube top jumpsuit GUESS, shoes Micheal Kors Wedge) 

So we labelled it as our quiet anniversary dinner haha. 

When little K woke up we hopped on the trolly tour. 

We had a nice evening and nice walk at night. 

The next day we had breakfast and went to see a few more things before leaving. 
(Tank top H&M, tights Aritzia, vest GUESS, shoes Converse) 

Since little K is obsessed with airplanes we had to stop at Gravelly Point Park to watch the planes land. He loved it!!! 

We drove around Washington for about an hour sightseeing a bit more from the car. Then headed back home! 

There was sooo much more I wanted to see and do in Washington. 2 days just wasn't enough. We will definitely be back again. 

Monday, June 02, 2014

5 months to 3!

Mr 2 years old and 7 months HUH… 3 in just 5 months huh huh! Can time PLEASE SLOW DOWN!


When I look up different toddler personalities, little K does not fall into the Shy kid, or EASY child category. He is a good kid and a normal 2 year old that can switch to very sweet and calm to wild and screaming for his way or the high way hahah. I remember hearing moms say toddlers are kookoo people, going from happy, excited to screaming and crying in a matter of a second. Oh yes they are emotional that’s forsure haha.


Reading up on little K’s personality I would say that he is a combination and I also do not like to label any child any one way anyway! They are growing learning and developing so a constant change I believe is the best thing to see!


Little K is definitely, strong willed and sensitive. He loves to make his own choices and lets you know loud and clear if he does not like what you just did. Ha! His disapproving face is so funny to see. He is this little person with such a strong personality and sense of self. He knows what he wants and YOU will know what he doesn’t want. Ha!


We have many good days and of course with a toddler many challenging days, working through tantrums and bargaining and helping our little toddler through his emotions when he’s upset. Which can be really difficult for us parents especially when we too are tired! We are learning too! As I read up on handling tantrums I see, Patience patience!

Little K is loving the summer. He is one active boy! He loves the park and loves being outdoors. He loves car rides with us and loves pointing out and calling out everything he sees to make sure we seen it too. “Mama look! A motorcycle” and if we don’t answer it gets louder “ HELLOOO MAMA! LOOK MOTORCYCLE” Funny kid.


Things little K loves at 2.7 years old…

Airplanes and Helicopters are still at the top of the list of favorites! Airplane/Helicopter Toys, movies, videos, ipad apps! Loves them!

Cars, motorcycles and bikes.

Night time story time

Dancing to music

Playing with his cousins and friends

Telling stories of things he did and likes.

New favorite, DINOSOURS!

Favorite foods.. STILL Fruits and Veggies. New fav fruit, cherry tomatoes.

Favorite sport… Soccer!

Little man can count to 15 and say his full ABC’s! He loves to sing songs and loves when I sing him a song before bed.

He loves hugs and kisses and loves being the center of mommy and daddy’s lives :) 


Love My BOY!!!!!



Monday, March 17, 2014

Bye bye pacifier

Little k started using the pacifier a little later than most kids. I usually used it only for bedtime but when I went back to work full-time after he turned 2, he started asking for it more and more and not just for sleep. 

But for a couple months now little k kept on losing his pacifiers. It was getting harder and harder to find the ones he liked. Dr. Browns 18+. One month I ended up buying pink ones because they were the only pack left at Walmart! 

A couple weeks ago we were down to one pacifier. We had gone to watch the Lego movie one night and I decided to bring it. Well he dropped it at the theatre and we couldn't find it! We came home and searched the house, but that was the last one.  Little k asked for it at bedtime (chuchu he calls it) but we said it was in the garbage :/ he went to bed without it and was ok all night! Then the next couple days he asked for it once or twice and we said the same thing. 

Fast forward to week 3 and we are pacifier free! He did find one in his toy box one day and was so happy and popped it in his mouth right away. I asked for him to give it to me, he did. He cried a little but eventually forgot about it. We threw it out. So hopefully no others are hiding around. Once in a while he will come ask me for it but I say I don't have it and he's ok with that. 

Wish potty training was that easy :P

Love this little man to bits! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Family party

Yesterday my cousins had a 65th birthday party for their mom. Our family get togethers are always fun.
The food was delicious! 

Little K ate soo much! Of course starting with the grilled peppers and tomatoes. Sausages, fried calamari, Then pasta and Parmesan by the spoon fulls! And some hen and lamb! Yum! 

As little k was eating he would turn around to call his great grandfather to let him see how he's eating so much. Ha! 

The kids were so cute and they just love eachothers company! 

I love this picture of the girls. Such a strong supportive group of women. Women with strong family values that always put their family first, respect others and are always there for you the second you call. We are a strong family, a family that offers support not advice or pressure and always always puts love and family first. Something I'm learning to really respect.  I'm soo grateful for my roots! As a parent now I respect my grandparents and parents for all that they have taught us. I hope to be such a good example for my son too. 

Our family has been through so much. We have shed many tears together, tears of great sadness of loss and tears of happiness in miracles. 

Yesterday I looked over at my aunt and felt so emotional seeing her up beat, healthy, smiling, enjoying her food, enjoying our family together. Last year we were in a very different place. Unsure of what will happen as she fought liver disease in the ICU. But. Miracles do happen and she received her liver transplant and this picture I will treasure. How amazing does she look! Another family trait I inherited... We don't give up easily. We fight. We fight till we have nothing left and hope for that miracle.

Some more pics of the party 

Ha! My poor brother, grew up with 2 sisters now 2 daughters. A pro and playing barbies. 

Cuddles with my little niece. She was so cute and even trying to reach for me from across  the room! Love her! 

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

First movie experience

Yesterday was little k's first movie experience! 

We went to watch the Lego movie.

I really didn't know how he would react during the movie. He's not a big tv kid so I really didn't know what to expect. 

He was a little bit of everything. 

At first he sat eating popcorn very excited and pointing and calling out at all the new things he was seeing. 

He talked the whole movie. Ha! He laughed soo much and had such a great time. About an hour in, he couldn't sit still any longer and decided to stand and watch the movie. 

The movie was funny and we were happy little k enjoyed his first movie. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Birthday fun

This past weekend was my husbands birthday. Friday night we had fun downtown. 

My mom was babysitting little k and my niece. They love playing with eachother. 
Haha cuties.

Saturday we had a party at our place. Lots of food and lots of wine ha! Eek!

It was my nieces birthday too so we had double the cake! 

The week started off a little slow because we are super tired from the weekend! Is it Friday yet!