Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fun at the Museum

Little K loves dinosaurs so this weekend we thought he would love seeing the dinosaur bones at the Museum. He's been once before with daddy so he remembered when we told him where we were going and was excited that mommy was going to see everything too! 

He has a dinosaur book and memorized about 20 different dinosaurs. So it was super cute seeing him name some of them as we went along.

I was worried about being out all day with him now that he's fully potty trained. But it's much easier than I thought. Just means more trips to the bathroom while we are out but not one accident. I'm soo proud of him! 

Learning so much! 

Let's dig! 

We had a fun day downtown. We ended the fun with dinner at a near by restaurant. Yum! 

I have a big post coming soon with some news! Stay tuned! 

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