Sunday, January 11, 2015

3 year old doctor checkup!

Last week little K had his 3 year doctor appt. 

He was excited to see the doctor. As soon as his doctor came in, he HAD to tell him all about his dinosaurs haha and started naming a whole bunch. 
Little mans height and weight are perfect. He's 30lbs right on. 

He even did an eye exam! I wish I took pictures. He was so good listening to the
optometrist and answering his questions about the pictures he was pointing out. Well, perfect vision he has so we are good! 

Next is his ear checkup in a couple weeks. Ear infections are still a common thing around here :( less than when he was younger and hopefully he will soon grow out of it. 

I took the whole day off to spend it with my little man. We also went to see 2 preschools. 

Little K loved visiting the 2 schools and seeing all the kids. Both schools were very good and an option. We narrowed it down to one Montessori school we think little k will love. 

So he will be starting there in a couple months. Big changes for my little man but I know he will love it! 

We are all so excited! 

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