Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Late weekend post

We had a great weekend! 

We had more furniture come in! The house is slowly getting completed. We still need a lot of items for decor but it's coming together! 

I need to take better pics! Ha! 
For now, all I've got are the ones of little K.

In his playroom
This fifth room, open to the hallway (pics to come in another post) is the best room . Little k loves it! All his toys in one place. And a sofa and TV for us if he end up there too!

Little k and Zoe, relaxing on Sunday morning in the living room. 

This is our sitting area off the dining room (better pics to come) but we used that carpet in the play room instead. I'll get a round carpet for that room. We are stil waiting for the coffee table to come in. 

The good thing is, that all our furniture in the dining room matches our chandlier from the old house. So we will install that this weekend! 

On the weekend we also had my cousins baptism.

It was a beautiful ceremony and party afterwards at a delicious restaurant that I definitely want to go back to for dinner soon! 

The church was the same church little k was baptized. It made me start thinking of our new little one to come. I'll be planning a baptism by the end of the year!

We have a few couples in mind. People that are close and genuinely love our children. Treat us and our children with respect and of course meet the churches criteria as well as our own. Living their lives and raising their own children as catholic. 

Little k was soo good at church. He said he was in Jesus's house. How cute! 

We had a fun day with family. 

The ladies! 

Have a great week friends! We are closer to the weekend!!!

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