Friday, March 06, 2015

16 weeks!

How Far Along: 
16 weeks! 

Size of baby: An Onion!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 10lbs boo!

Gender: 4 
weeks until we find out, well actually my sister will find out! Then we will have a gender reveal party with close family and friends! Can't wait! 

Movement: Flutters :) 

Sleep: love my sleep 

Cravings: Nothing really that lasts more than a day ha! 

Symptoms: ligament pain in my belly! The past couple days I've been really feeling the weight in my belly! 

Belly rubs from these cuties ha! 

Little K completed his first week of school!!!  He had some good days and sons bad days. He did so well today so he's getting the hang of things quickly! 

Love my boys more than anything in this world!!! 

This weekend we are getting more furniture and shopping for more house decor. The house is coming together! We have a busy weekend!!! 

Some new items 

Swivel stools! 

I'm still working on little k's room, I should be mostly done by Sunday! 

He is soo happy with his new room!

Have a good weekend friends! 

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