Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Florida Family Vacation part2

Our vacation started early last Wednesday morning. We were out the door in time, well what we thought was in time ha! We Parked the car in parknfly and shuttled it to the airport. Whoa! Was it busy! And customs into the USA! Crazy line ups! Omg we ended up being the last people on the plane! Haha we even had to run for it! That was a first for us! But we made it and all was good! 

Little k was excited for the plane ride! And heading to the beach! 

We arrived and everything was smooth! The rental pickup was at the airport and then we made our way to the walmart that was 5 mins for our condo to pick up some snacks and breakfast food! 

We arrived at the condo and we loved it!! 
Little k was talking non stop about the airplane and the beach house as we called it! 

The first day we spent time on the beach then went out for a delicious dinner! 

Most mornings I made breakfast before we left to enjoy the day.

Then it was pool and beach time! 

Little guy was up every morning at 7am sharp and ready to hit the beach! Ha! 

Part 3 South beach and Palm beach sight seeing! Then our drive to Key West! So much fun! Missing it!!! 

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