Sunday, May 03, 2015

Fun weekend wedding!

Saturday my husbands best friend got married!!! My husband was the best man, and his friend was his best man too at our wedding!! 

We've know him for 15 years! It was soo nice seeing his family and other friends and the wedding. Reminiscing about the past, their university days. Our very young years just having so much fun always! 

I wore my go to maternity dress! I've got great use out of this dress! 

I kept it simple with black and my MK heels that still fit! 

Their Hall was beautiful, the food was delish! I ate everything. 

My husbands best mans speech was so good. Made me cry! And the groom was touched by it. It hit the past, present and glimpse of the future in our friendship to come. It was warm and heartfelt. :) a great best man speech! 

We danced a lot! We had a great time with friends! 

This is the last of our friends of this group to get married!! So we partied it up to 2am! . Ha! Zzzz

Little k spent the evening with grandma. Instead of driving back home so late when he was already sleeping. We just stayed over my moms for the night.
Best part of that was, we got to sleep in because grandma woke with little k and they had breakfast all ready for us when we woke up. Soo sweet!!

Hope you all had s great weekend! 

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