Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day weekend fun!

We had a jammed packed weekend!

Our weekend began Friday night after work! 

My husband and some family and friends had a boys night out. So once I picked up little k from daycare, I went straight to my moms to meet my sisters! 

We had a nice evening with the kiddies and the boys were out having Father's Day weekend fun ha! Oh boy, did they have fun. Their stories were hilarious! Boyswillbeboys! 

There was music playing across the street so these kiddies were dancing haha! 
We took a little walk to get ice cream! 

We all got home about 3am! 

Saturday after a late night we all slept in which was Soo needed! 

We spent some time at the park before heading downtown to watch soccer! 

Father's Day fun! Mr husnand had the best Father's Day weekend! 

Little k was Sooo good watching the game! Yay!! We all had a great time! Even tho our team lost :( 

We had pizza and popcorn and cotton candy of course!!! Haha 

We had great seats too! Can't wait to watch our next game! 

After the game, we went over to a friends house for a late bbq! 

Another very late night for this little man haha! 

Father's Day weekend was so much fun! 
We are so blessed! This Mr. Is an amazing daddy! Little k's big smiles says it all! He just loves his daddy so much! 

Then today we had lunch at my grandparents. 
Always fun seeing my family :) 
My grandfather! His message to us is always the same. Since I was a kid. He would hold out all 10 fingers. And says if his pinky finger breaks it will hurt, if his ring finger breaks it will hurt, etc etc to all fingers. Meaning all his kids, grandkids and greatgrsndchildren he loves and treats equally! My grandparents are the glue that keeps our family together. They know the meaning of family, always have. That's why their home is the place we always go back to every occasion, every single grandkid and now with our kids. 

Little k was entertaining his little cousin. It was the cutest! Baby L was laughing hysterically! Watching this today melted my heart!! Little k is going to be an amazing big brother!!!! 

Happy Father's Day weekend friends!

And to my dad up in heaven <3 always in my heart and with memories that will never fade. 

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