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Sunday, June 17, 2018

I just realized that I never blogged pt 2 of the cruise! Oh boy. This year started off busy and still is! (All good busy so I’m not complaining one bit) So a lot has happened since my Mother’s Day post! But first!
Happy Father’s Day to my amazing husband!!

We love you soomuch! And yess Go Brazil!!
Today we began the day with breakfast as Denny’s! And without even telling each other, my sister and her family were doing the same thing! The kids loved having breakfast together. They are like little adults. Ordering their own meals. They had chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and Oreo milkshake! Yum! Baby M loved the sausages. And baby A loved the hash browns!

So much fun!!!
Remember I blogged that we are moving. Well that happens this week!

We spent the whole weekend packing!
We are all so excited! But also sad to be leaving the beautiful neighborhood. Saying goodbye to our school and daycare will be so tough too! :( we made amazing memories here and now to the next home to make more <3

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day weekend!

Our new traditions include Baseball for Mother's Day and Soccer for Father's Day! 

Our boys adore their father! 

They were so excited to watch the game and loved every second of it!

Of course we had all the goodies like popcorn and cotton candy and popsicles! Yum! 

 Last year it was tough sitting through full games but this year was much easier. The kids really enjoy these sports events! 

 There was so much for them to see and take in. Little K loves seeing the CN Tower and they love the crowds of people. They love the freedom of walking around and this big beautiful world all around them. 

They were exhausted at the end of the game and fell asleep the second we drove away. Which made for a peaceful very long ride home ha! 

The next morning we woke up and headed out for a Father's Day breakfast! Yum! 

 That night little k came up to me and asked me if I missed my daddy :( I told him of course I do, and that my daddy is in heaven and watches over us. He said he knew that  Nonno Louie was in heaven with Jesus.  How sweet. He totally melts my heart. I love that we can have these conversations too. 

This week is his last week of SK and September he will be off to grade 1. 

My little guys <3




Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Daddy's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! This weekend we celebrated my husband! Both kids Adore their daddy!
So we all joined in the fun weekend of what daddy loves! Which is soccer ha! We watched a lot of soccer, played soccer in the backyard. Went to watch a soccer game and watched daddy play soccer with his team. 

First thing Saturday morning Zoe had a grooming appt ha! So we asked little k what he would like to do. He was talking about sushi for days and also asking us to buy honey.  He loves the natural raw honey. So we did both those things. 

Then we got ready to head downtown for the soccer game ! 

I carried baby M in the Bjorne and let me tell you, my legs are so sore from all the walking we did! 

We played some games. Ha! Daddy got dragged in to play with the kids. 

Moment of silence for Orlando <3

This little had candy, popcorn, peanuts and icecream. Soo good! Ha! 

The kids had a blast! It was such a fun event. 

This morning we were up early and went to watch daddy play soccer! 

It was a hot day today! 

We then headed up north for a nice drive 

Happy daddy's day to my loving husband. We love you Sooo much! 

Oh! How can I forget! I had little k answer these questions. Boy did we have a laugh! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day weekend fun!

We had a jammed packed weekend!

Our weekend began Friday night after work! 

My husband and some family and friends had a boys night out. So once I picked up little k from daycare, I went straight to my moms to meet my sisters! 

We had a nice evening with the kiddies and the boys were out having Father's Day weekend fun ha! Oh boy, did they have fun. Their stories were hilarious! Boyswillbeboys! 

There was music playing across the street so these kiddies were dancing haha! 
We took a little walk to get ice cream! 

We all got home about 3am! 

Saturday after a late night we all slept in which was Soo needed! 

We spent some time at the park before heading downtown to watch soccer! 

Father's Day fun! Mr husnand had the best Father's Day weekend! 

Little k was Sooo good watching the game! Yay!! We all had a great time! Even tho our team lost :( 

We had pizza and popcorn and cotton candy of course!!! Haha 

We had great seats too! Can't wait to watch our next game! 

After the game, we went over to a friends house for a late bbq! 

Another very late night for this little man haha! 

Father's Day weekend was so much fun! 
We are so blessed! This Mr. Is an amazing daddy! Little k's big smiles says it all! He just loves his daddy so much! 

Then today we had lunch at my grandparents. 
Always fun seeing my family :) 
My grandfather! His message to us is always the same. Since I was a kid. He would hold out all 10 fingers. And says if his pinky finger breaks it will hurt, if his ring finger breaks it will hurt, etc etc to all fingers. Meaning all his kids, grandkids and greatgrsndchildren he loves and treats equally! My grandparents are the glue that keeps our family together. They know the meaning of family, always have. That's why their home is the place we always go back to every occasion, every single grandkid and now with our kids. 

Little k was entertaining his little cousin. It was the cutest! Baby L was laughing hysterically! Watching this today melted my heart!! Little k is going to be an amazing big brother!!!! 

Happy Father's Day weekend friends!

And to my dad up in heaven <3 always in my heart and with memories that will never fade. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day weekend

Happy Fathers Day dads! 

And to my husband on his second Father's Day! Kristian adores his dad and its truly amazing watching them play together. Kristian is my husbands mini man ha! They are soo much alike! 

For Father's Day I got the FIL, husband and baby k all matching polos. Totally cute! 

We went to my grandparents house and to my inlaws house yesterday. It was a long day but so much fun seeing everyone ;) baby k was so tired he even cried and was begging to sleep when we gave him a bath in the evening!