Sunday, July 19, 2015

35 weeks weekend fun!

35 weeks!!! Getting Braxton hicks more often. 

I feel heavy!!! And a little more stiff! Swelling in my feet has begun. Grrr! Only a few more weeks of work then it's some time off before baby! 5 more weeks!!!!! And we will be 4!!!!

Friday night we had dinner by the lake 
For the best panzos in town! And little k always needs to order fried calamari at restaurants. His favorite! He also ordered pasta with meatballs and of course just ate the calamari and meatballs and left the pasta. 
Little k loves the walk by the lake, as do we! I can just picture us when the kids are older bike riding or rollar blading as s family down by the lake :D. 

We then headed downtown to watch some Pan Am Entertainment in our city! 

We danced and watched live music and a ballet! 

We had another weekend of late nights! 

Saturday morning we slept in which was great. We then had a bbq party at my brothers place. He had a jumpy castle and trampoline and the kids and big kids jumped the night away ha!!! 

The kids had so much fun together. 
And we adults always entertain eachother. Of course we were the last to leave. My husnand and brother did not want to part ha! Little k fell asleep on the sofa and I was chatting about our next summer party.

Today was another super hot day! Which leaves me limited in what I can do at 35 weeks. So we decided to go to African lions safari! 

Kristian has been asking for over a wel now to go see animals, so he just loved it. 

Up close and personal! 

Very busy and fun weekend!!!!

Patiently waiting for baby M!!!!

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