Thursday, July 23, 2015

36 weeks and Some new things!

36 weeks! Today my OB appt went well. Although I have a lot of swelling on my left side! Doc told me to take it easy! 
I don't have much longer eeeeee could be any day now. Up to 4 weeks to go! Doc wants 38-39 weeks, Eee that's 2 weeks away!!! She also said to pay close attention to baby movements from now on. This little guy moves a lot! So I should be able to notice a decline.  Kristian wasn't as active. But I did notice a decline and that's when I went to the hospital and ended up getting induced! 

Little man starts jk in September so I wanted to make sure I organized most things for him before baby! Because we will all be soo busy. 

I'm going to be trying new lunch ideas since I'll be packing his daily lunches! 

Here are some new buys! 

We will try different foods daily that way I have a go to list of what works! 

I also bought a waffle maker. I'm going to try different waffles with fruit and chia seeds and see if the little man will enjoy that for breakfast or desserts! My sister in law does this for her girls and they love it. 

This week at little mans summer camp it was dino week. He had to show me the board with the pictures. How cute!! 

Although I'm slowing down a lot because I'm bigger and have swollen feet:( wears Trying to make summer as much fun as we can before baby brother arrives!! 

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