Tuesday, January 19, 2016

5 months old!

5 months old! 

Baby M! You are 15lbs, in 9 month clothes ha!

You have tried sweet potato, apples and butternut squash. So far Apple is in first place. 

I bought this book when big brother was a baby 
And I love it. I needed a refresher on making baby food and this book is perfect in outlining exactly what you need to do. 

You are Soo strong at 5 months old. Jumping around and reaching and grabbing your toys. You also study your toys with a very serious stare ha! 

You are beginning to lift up your bum,and im sure you'll be crawling in a couple months! 

You and big bro have the sweetest relationship. You know how to make him laugh and he just loves you so much! He's also very protective of you. I love seeing this relationship grow, it's truly the most amazing feeling. You both melt our hearts! 

We booked our first family vacation as 4! 

Whoo you will love the beach! Big brother  asks daily to go to a beach! Ha!

Happy 5 months baby M!!!!

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