Thursday, February 18, 2016

6 months old!

Baby M you are 6 months old!

You already had your first was ear infection :( Tuesday's 6 month checkup went well and your ears are clear! 

The doctor was happy to see you so strong. You weigh 16.7lbs and in size3 diapers. You are in 9-12month clothing! My big baby boy! 

You are the sweetest! You are so calm and gentle. You are our teddy bear! 

And you love your family Soo much! Including zoe! When you see her you try and call her over with your soft babbles ha! 

You are eating more and more. Doc told me to increase to 3x a day so that we will do! 

You roll all around and get in crawling position. You slither backwards and around but not yet forward. You practice daily so I don't think it'll be much longer till you crawl everywhere! 

Happy 6 months little man! 

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