Friday, January 13, 2017

Just the beginning ...

Our new year began with the flu. Yup. The first week of the new year my little guys were off and on sick with the flu. 

We spent a few extra days at home getting better.

The past few weeks felt really chaotic and busy. Back to school, kids under the weather, everyone trying to get back into the grove of things, trying to work on my New Years resolutions.... The best advice that was ever given to me, was to be 'gentle' with yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed. 
So I did just that. I took things day by day and told myself that my "NEW YEAR" resolutions will just begin a few weeks in. No biggie. That made all the difference. It took a load off my shoulders. We all got better and a little bit more organized :) and I'm slowly trying to get to those goals

The kids have a few 2017 goals of their own :) 

Little K has swimming lessons and piano lessons.  Which he is enjoying. 

Little K had a great first week back to school. He wrote me a note yesterday and it just melted my heart. I put it up at my desk at work :)

Baby M just got over an ear infection and had a few cranky days :( today he's feeling much better. In a few months he will be starting a new daycare which I think will be great for him. He is one busy little boy! Ha! 

We have so many exciting goals to work towards in 2017. 

What are your new year goals?

Have a great weekend friends! 


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