Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Mr K’s first tooth is out!

He did not want us to pull it out, he wanted to be incharge of that tooth.
He loosened it up really good but wasn’t ready to part with it yet.
On Saturday I asked if I could wiggle it. As I touched his tooth, he pushed it with his tongue and it just fell out!

So the tooth fairy came to visit Saturday night 😊 Ha!
 Baby M had his first dentist appt too, he did great! He was so calm and didn’t even flinch!

Baby M is such a big boy now and I can hardly believe it.

He lovesss cars. He is shouting out Ferrari and BMW any chance he gets.
His little voice is adorable and he is always expressing his thoughts haha.

He loves to ask questions and then reply “Ohhhhhh” haha it’s the cutest!
My favorite word that he says right now is “there” he says it “Dayyy-errr”
He is an energy ball. This past weekend we had a friends birthday.
Watching my 2 boys play together in the playland just melted my heart.

Baby M following big brother all over the place. And keeping up noo problem!
He is super fast running and playing. He’s just soo cute!

These boys have sharp memories. Mr K brings up things from when he was a baby! Baby M entered the passcode to the daycare yesterday and allll of our jaws dropped!
These brothers are so opposite but sooo similar in many ways.

And the both keep me sooo busy! I wish I had more to blog! But I guess other quick posts on Instagram are just easier. But this is my blog since 2009! So I’ll keep it going! Even if I don’t get to post that often :)
We have big changes coming up in our family and we are soooo excited. So, More to come on that later!

Have a great week friends!

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