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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

First tooth and birthday fun!

Guess who got their first tooth!!

Baby am got his first bottom tooth! 
He's been a little under the weather fighting ear infections for a couple weeks :(

Over the weekend baby M's godparents to be came over for sushi dinner! 
Big bros favorite! 
Isn't big bro Soo handsome with his new haircut! 
We had a fun evening eating, talking and playing. Even zoe wanted in! 

Then Monday was daddy's birthday!!!!

Baby M was so sick on Monday so we had dinner and cake at home! Little k was excited to have a birthday dinner and cake for his daddy! 

Cheers to another year! 
(Cranberry juice for the little of course haha) 

It was also my beautiful niece's birthday!!! She turned 15!!! She's celebrating her quinceanera! She's so excited for her big party! 

The weather isn't the greatest today. Baby m and I managed to get to some stores this morning. But it's s blizzard out there! 
Drive safe friends! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Did my baby poop?

These are the things that worry me these days haha. I'm now always making sure my little one is ok. Did he poop today? Is he eating and drinking enough? Did he sleep enough? Is he in pain!? All concerned mommy questions!

My little guy has been teething, his first tooth is making it's way out! Even though he was never been the greatest at sleep, teething has him up sooo much at night!

Yesterday wasn't too bad, but the night before he was up every hour!

He has been pretty cranky too, so I'm making sure he gets all his naps in during the day.

Weaning off Breastfeeding and sleep training is all on hold for now.

Today we went out to buy him some new toys. ;) hope it helps him feel better.