Saturday, September 07, 2019

MrM 4

This little cutie started junior kindergarten! 

Ohmygosh he was the absolute cutest. So brave, sooo ready, soo determined to check out this “school” thing. 

No tears and he was totally chill about it. Although after the first day he asked me where I went when I “left him there all day” haha 

Umm making 2 lunches felt so stressful the first day. Was I packing enough, will they like it, will the eat it. 

Good news. They ate it allllll, the both of them! Little M said he ate it all by himself with no help and he was soo proud to talk about it. He is loving his independence, 

He’s grown  so much over the summer and it was shocking to see him so put together and ready to begin this new stage! The boys always surprise me with their courage. 
Big bro was amazed too, and he’s so happy to have little brother in the same school. 

The second day of school he had show and tell. He brought his Spider-Man mask and couldn’t wait to show his friends.
He strolled in the school yard, didn’t even look back.  

He came home talking about his time at  recess with friends and the conversation they had. Haha

He told big brother that he said prayers in class. 🙏🏻

Just melted my heart. 

My little not so baby, baby boy, off to school ❤️

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