Wednesday, May 15, 2019

When in Rome pt 2

When the kids keep asking to GO back to Italy, you KNOW it was a good trip. We weren’t there for long! Yet still it left an impression on them :) memories they will have forever.

Our  FULL day in Rome, we spent the day in Vatican City.  See pt 1. <—- 

The next day we slept in and decided to eat breakfast at a restaurant near our place. It’s true what they say... sitting down for breakfast will cost you! It was $60 euros for sandwiches, coffees, and toasted bread. Ha! When in Rome tho! 

After our bellies were full, we hopped in a taxi and went straight to the Colosseum.

A beauty to see in person! We had amazing weather too. 

The lines were long. So we did pay for a skip the line tour. The kids were awesome in the Vatican with a guided tour, but I think we were all a bit more tired than the day before. So we got in and then ditched our tour guide and walked around. The kids got to explore at their own fast pace ha! Plus, we gave the kids, a brief “kid” version of what down in there :/ 

How amazing are my pics tho :) 

These boys were facinated! 

We spent a few hours here taking it all in. 

When traveling with kids, the main thing is, know your kids, know your family. Every family is different, every kid is different. Some do well with fast pace, some don’t, some need snacks every second (my kids) some kids don’t. 
It seems like we covered a lot in just 2.5 days, and we did,  but we actually took our time and didn’t cram it in. We know our kids and we like to take it easy. No rush, no over booking ourselves. A slow pace, so we can take it all in and not feel overwhelmed. 

After the Colosseum I knew the kids were tired. We didn’t want to continue walking too much around the grounds and end up too exhausted for the evening. So instead we hopped on the hop on hop off bus. We didn’t hop off until it was our stop near the  Spanish steps. But in the meantime we learned about all the historical sights a long the way. Mr K was paying close attention and ended up feeding us some of the information later on that night. 

Oh, and don’t forget to buy the kids a little souvenir or something to hold them over a bit longer, ha! They called these mushy balls they bought from a street vendor “doctor pimple poppers” ha! And that was the joke the whole trip. 

Once we hopped off at our stop, we had a little walk to our place. 

A scenic fun walk. 

We took in the calm fresh Rome air and talked about ... dinner of course haha well, gelato first then dinner. 

In Italy, they fill the wine glass right up to the rim! 

Ahhhh take me back! 

One more post to come! Yummy food and last evening in Rome before a 7 day cruise! Sicily! Malta! Spain, France and Genova!  

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