Saturday, May 09, 2020

Grocery Shopping Reality

We are close to 60 days in quarantining or self isolation or social distancing- however you wanna call it! Many shops and restaurants have been closed for months. This weekend some are easing up and finally opening their doors to the public with many health measures. I'm watching the news and people are in line ups with masks and gloves and waiting to enter and quickly grab what they need. It's stressful and can take hours as they allow only a certain amount of people in at a time. 

When the shutdowns first began, grocery pickup/delivery from walmart or grocery gateway or instacarts were bombarded with orders. Getting a slot was like a miracle! So the early weeks of the shut down, before the lineups I had to go in and get our groceries, I did larger orders at a time so I didn't need to go in as often. Thankfully our local walmart opened up more spaces and for over  a month now I have my weekly grocery pickup, just as I use to have before this whole thing began. Remember! Those calm mornings with my Tim's coffee, driving up and getting out of my car to greet the employee, make some small talk... Not now. Now it's driving around back, opening the trunk as they quickly place the bags in keeping to a maximum time they are told to get it done which I think is 5 minutes.

We live North of the city, and yesterday we picked up our produce from a local farm. No line ups, tap to pay, in and out quickly.

Grocery bills have also increased these past 2 months. I would say they have doubled, maybe even tripled in what we use to do.  We are also trying to shop local as much as we can. Starting with this local farm for produce. Getting takeout from family owned restaurants in the area.  Being so grateful that we can help these struggling businesses. 

It's a year that will go down in history in so many ways.

 Stay safe out there friends. This too shall pass. 

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