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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Baby is not starting daycare... Yet!

We were getting close! Kristian was to start daycare in 3 weeks! We both were not ready!!

Kristian still breastfeeds 3-4x a day and also in the evening and wakes up a couple times too.

We are trying to daytime wean which has been hard! I'm working at it everyday!

He knows what he wants and if I trick him and put his pacifier in his mouth he will grab it and throw it across the room and tug at me to nurse! How could I refuse that!

So slowly we are working on it, more by distraction, playing longer, going out longer. Things like that.

And I'm not ready either! I love being home with my sweet little boy. Any extra time in a life time of work ahead is better than nothing!

So that said, I requested an extra month off from work. They took a while to respond back and I thought they would decline it. But It's approved! So I have an extra month home with my sweet baby!!! I'm so grateful for this.

Love this sweet little boy!