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Saturday, August 29, 2015

2 weeks old out and about

Baby M! All you do is eat and sleep! Ahhh the newborn life! There is a lot happening around you! Life is busy! Very different than when big brother was born.  You baby M are born into this crazy busy family! Haha. We promise you it will get even more fun for you!

You are Sooo squishy!!! We all cuddle you Soo much! You love the boobiemilk and drink until you pass out for hours! 

With big brother being so hyper we need to constantly entertain him.

We watched little k play outside with his friends.. 

We took big bro to the park! 

We went to see dinosaurs! Oh you just wait until next year, you too will love this place. I already know the names to many dinosaurs, your big bro will teach you all about this when you are ready.

We went for sushi! And you and your brother were so well behaved! 

Little k loves sushi! He ate so much and even tried and loved wasabi ha! 

We also took zoe to the vet and to the groomer for a haircut! You will love zoe! 

With big bro home until school begins, mommy needs to keep him busy when indoors too! We do things like cooking together, juicing together... Which he loves helping mommy with. Apple and carrot juice, our fave! 

So much fun! 

No can't believe how fast you are growing! 
You are in size 0-3/ 3 
months. Almost out of newborn diapers too, I just want to finish the pack, but when it's done you'll be in size 1!