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Monday, November 04, 2013

Elmo birthday party

This weekend was little K's Elmo party! 

Loot bags filled with a snack bowl, coloring book, Mabel's personalized labels! Crayons and gold fish! 

It was my first time making cupcake cones and they were a big hit with little K!
My sister made the other Elmo cupcakes! 

We had lots of food and sweets! 

Kristian loved that Elmo and his friends  all celebrating with him! 

Kristian received so many amazing gifts! He loved every single one of them and has been playing with all his new toys all day today! He has the best family and friends! 

Then once the kids were in bed, the party continued with the adults till 2am ha! 

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Halloween and 2 year doctor checkup

Halloween was so much fun this year. The kids loved trick or treating and my street was full of haunted houses! 

Kristian had so much fun going door to door. 

Yesterday we had his 2 year check up. Doc was happy to see K and said he looks great. I asked a lot of questions when it comes to food and play and potty training and his answers left me comfortable and sure of all that I am doing for my little boy. 

He gave the doctor a high five when we left and was happy to leave haha no needles at this appt so all was good! 

Today is kristians party! So we are running around picking up the cake and decor! 

And my cupcake cones are coming along!