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Monday, January 25, 2016

4 year old check up

Friday my little guy had his 4 year old checkup. 

The doctor predicts a 5 10, 150lbs adult haha tall and slim he said.

Mr K is currently 33lbs, size 4T clothes and size 11 shoes. 

He told me that 4 year olds don't need much to get full and I don't need to be forcing him to eat more. He will eat when he's hungry and some days won't be hungry at all.

Overall he is a great eater. He eats a variety of foods... He's not a big carb eater but a plate of chicken and his favorite veggies and fruit he will eat all up! 

He was happy and excited to see his doctor. His conversation with the doctor was mostly about his baby brother. He couldn't wait to tell doctor all about him. ️Adorable. 

He didn't know that he would be getting 2 vaccines :( 

I held him close and he got both needles. He was upset that he didn't expect the little pinch. 
Then said he doesn't need to see the doctor ever again, oh boy. 

On our way out we went to the pharmacy and he picked a kitkat and smarties to make him feel better. 

At 4 years old you are into many things! 
Starwars and transformers are at the top of the list! You love the color changing hot wheels! You are still into dinosaurs and other superheroes. You love dressing up in your power ranger costume and Darth Vader costume. 

You are doing great at school and love going! 

You always eat your lunch which makes my job easy. 

You are learning and growing up fast! 

You always crack us up with the things you say. You have the best sense of humour and we are always playing tricks on eachother which is so fun.

You are the best big brother. You help me all the time and love entertaining little bro. 

We love you sooo much! 

The rest of the weekend was so much fun! 

We spent Saturday downtown and had burgers for lunch! 

The kids had their cuteness radar on high and were getting everyone's attention 
People were telling us how cute they were! Michael wouldn't stop looking at one young couple ha! 

Yesterday morning I left little k and daddy watching movies and Michael  and I went with my sister to the salon my cousin works at for a haircut!

Michael slept the whole time which was great. And we got new do's 

I just did a little trim but Soo needed to make my hair feel healthy again. 

Have a great monday friends! 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Under the weather

It is a rainy day today.

Little K checks the weather every morning which is the cutest thing. He will check my iphone weather app and then look out the window to see if its true, ha!

BabyM is still under the weather with this lingering cold. We went to the doctor on Monday, but it'a nothing more than a cold which is good. Just not that fun for my baby boy.

These products help a lot!

Look at my big boy!

These boys bring us such joy everyday!

Our new juicer arrived! 
With flu season here I will be sure to Juice even more!
My old juicer wasn't working very well so we bought a new one. Which came with 2 free cups, yay! Little K and I love carrot, apple and kale juice.

We have a fun week and I have many blog posts to come! Little K's birthday post and Halloween! A very fun week!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Baby M's first doctor visit

After we were released from the hospital Sunday we had to bring baby back to the hospital monday and Tuesday for jaundice tests. 

On Tuesday he was admitted over night for phototherapy :(

I stayed over night with baby and daddy and littlek went home. Kris missed me so much, they called me FaceTime at midnight.

Wednesday we were released and his levels are normal! Yay!! 

Bye bye hospital! 

Today we went to see his doctor for his first check up! 

Big brother was on duty! 

The doctor was so happy to see that he is over his birth weight! Yay! He was surprised for a breastfed baby. Ha! Littlek was the opposite! I had more trouble with breastfeeding as a new mom. This time around has been so easy! Minus some little common issues with breastfeeding, still at a much quicker start than with littlek. 

Happy boys! 

Tomorrow baby M is 1 week old!! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

3 year old doctor checkup!

Last week little K had his 3 year doctor appt. 

He was excited to see the doctor. As soon as his doctor came in, he HAD to tell him all about his dinosaurs haha and started naming a whole bunch. 
Little mans height and weight are perfect. He's 30lbs right on. 

He even did an eye exam! I wish I took pictures. He was so good listening to the
optometrist and answering his questions about the pictures he was pointing out. Well, perfect vision he has so we are good! 

Next is his ear checkup in a couple weeks. Ear infections are still a common thing around here :( less than when he was younger and hopefully he will soon grow out of it. 

I took the whole day off to spend it with my little man. We also went to see 2 preschools. 

Little K loved visiting the 2 schools and seeing all the kids. Both schools were very good and an option. We narrowed it down to one Montessori school we think little k will love. 

So he will be starting there in a couple months. Big changes for my little man but I know he will love it! 

We are all so excited! 

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Halloween and 2 year doctor checkup

Halloween was so much fun this year. The kids loved trick or treating and my street was full of haunted houses! 

Kristian had so much fun going door to door. 

Yesterday we had his 2 year check up. Doc was happy to see K and said he looks great. I asked a lot of questions when it comes to food and play and potty training and his answers left me comfortable and sure of all that I am doing for my little boy. 

He gave the doctor a high five when we left and was happy to leave haha no needles at this appt so all was good! 

Today is kristians party! So we are running around picking up the cake and decor! 

And my cupcake cones are coming along! 

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Zombiemoms taken to the next level

Hi, I'm tired... No wait... Exhausted! I can't tell you how my eyes are still even open right now.

Mr K has been sick with a cold, ear infection now a cough since he started daycare last month.

Last night was the worst. He cried ALL night. He slept only a couple of hours and not in a row. We were up all night! I stayed home with him today to bring him to the doctor. He has a bad cough and he prescribed a puffer.

Kristian is soo tired too. Last night was too much even for him (mr hates sleep)

He hasn't been eating to well either the past 2 days ;( which makes me worry he will drop some weight.

Ahh the stresses of a mom!!! And work? I don't even want to talk about it. But the last 2 days I was located Downtown in the mall. Love DT and the mall ha! but not the drive when you live in the suburbs ;) and not when daycare calls that baby has a fever and getting to him takes over an hour.

Praying my little guy gets over this bug and gets a break from it all too!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

9 month checkup

Today was baby Kristian's 9 month checkup!

He weighs 16lbs

His doctor said he is a little on the lighter side but perfectly healthy and he is not concerned at all as is weight has been increasing perfectly for him. Kris is exactly at the developmental stage that he needs to be too, which is always great to hear.

He told me to continue feeding him all sorts of different foods and said not to worry at all and try everything!! He even said peanuts! But I'm not ready for that yet!

I asked about weaning from breastmilk within the next 2 months to homomilk he said to go ahead and do it. He said sippy cup only, no bottle. Which is fine Kris never took a bottle. He also told me not to be concerned about the reduction of milk. He wants to see his patients with less milk more foods. He has too many mothers drowning their kids appetites with milk. So he does not want me calling with concern if in 2 months Kris isn't drinking any milk Ahaha he actually said that once he weans off breastmilk he probably won't drink any other milk and I would just need to feed other things like cheese and yogurt daily. Our doctor is a little different on this topic than most books I read. But I trust him and feel good following what he suggests.

I feel much better now knowing that when I wean in 2 months Kris would have gotten all that he needed.

I got some great ideas from twitter friends on different foods to try.

So I have been changing up his meals. Mashing up foods we eat and giving him a variety.

Our next doctors appt will be at 12 months!

Friday, May 11, 2012

End of a busy week! Doctor appt, baby fun and shopping!

This week has been crazy busy.

I can hardly remember the week haha.

Wednesday I went to my family doctor to tell her about my knee and wrist pain. She thinks it could be arthritis. EEEK! I hope not! I hope that once I drop more weight it will go away!  She said to move away to a hot place and that will make it go away. haha I'm for it! :)
Next week I'll be going back to her for a full checkup.

She saw baby K for the first time too! She said he looks very healthy and very attentive. She suggested that I feed more cereals, as did our pediatrician. She also said it was time to wean off breastmilk and have more solids... our pediatrician said the same but I'm finding it tough to skip out feedings. And after talking to my twitter moms I am just going to follow Baby K. I don't feel he is ready to skip some nursing feedings. I am trying to stretch them a little longer though... trying :)


Today we went and registered for daycare, baby boy is all set for full time daycare in October. I don't really want to talk about it. ha! It's getting too close! But the place is great and all the kids there are happy and love it. It's close to our home and fits our work schedules perfectly.

On to more exciting things...

Look what I got! A new Coach purse! I love it! although it looks like all my other coach purses ahaha. But it's cross body which I love and big enough to fit my ipad! :)

I have been planning my little boy's baptism so yesterday we did a little photo shoot. And my brother took lots of pictures of baby K!

Such a cutie!!!!

 I'm choosing the one above for the invitations. :)

 My brother took about 180 pictures haha. All of them super cute!

Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

6 month doctor appointment

Today we had our 6 month old doc appointment!

Our doctor was happy to see how strong and happy Kristian is. He has very strong legs. Thanks to his exersaucer. He was happy to see how he sits up as well. Kristian is right on track with development. He weighs 15lbs and 25.5 inches long.

Our doctor said to keep I introducing new foods every 3 days and our goal is that by 8 months he is eating a variety of foods and weaning off breast milk himself. He also said to continue rice cereals twice a day. ( I had stopped this, but I'll continue it)

Today's visit went well! Kristian got one vaccine but is such a strong boy and cried for just a second!

My cutie pie!

Here some pictures of today and stroller fitness class yesterday.

Happy hump day!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Baby's 4 month Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday baby boy had his 4 month vaccines and check up!

He is 13lbs 24 inches long.

Doctor was very happy with baby K's development. Yay!

He is also happy with Kris's eating schedule, even tho I thought maybe it's still too often every 2-4 hours. Doctor said nope, it's fine.

I told him that Kris is not interested in a bottle or a pacifier, but loves to nurse and loves to suck his thumb.

He said to allow Kris to suck his thumb and he encourages it. He said we want to teach baby to self soothe. I never thought anything of it and never stopped him either, it's actually really cute, especially when he nurses and sneaks his thumb in there on the side too. Haha!

Doctor also said that we can start rice cereals. Just a teaspoon a day and move up from there. Once I think Kris is ready I can move on to fruits and veggies. He said I don't need to follow any timeline.

With my own research I decided to wait a couple more weeks before starting in rice cereal. But I'm excited that Kris is on to the next stage soon!

Kris got his needles, cried at the poke but I got him to laugh right after, whoop!

Everyday is amazing, everyday baby boy learns something new and it makes me so happy.

I can't get enough of this mr snuggles!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 months old - first vaccines

 I was sooo nervous today for my little guy's first vaccines!

The doctor is very happy with Kristian's weight, he's now 10lbs 13oz! Kristian even gave him smiles as he talked to him. haha. Baby K is right on track with development, cooing and smiling and lifting/holding his head up nice and strong.  Love my little boy!

Then it was needle time eeeek! I was sooo nervous and really had nothing to worry about. Kristian cried when the nurse picked him up and seemed fine with the needles ha! He hates the cold more than anything.

I'm soooo glad I got through his first needle appointment! Next one at 4 months :( I think I'll still be as nervous!

 Everyday is something new with my little boy, I love how he listens to me and focuses on me when I'm talking to him.  He smiles and coos and lets out little laughs! Kristian also loves sucking on his hands these days, he tries to put his whole fist in his mouth and even gets upset that he can't!

Weekend recap:  Over the weekend I shopped a lot! My sisters bridal shower is in 3 weeks so I had to buy an outfit. I also bought baby some clothes too, we still need to find his full outfit for the day too!
Baby slept the whole time while I shopped, which was great! :)

Friday, December 09, 2011

Quick Weight loss update

I haven't been focused on my weight at all the past month... My little boy has my full on attention ;)
However my scale is going down on it's own, yay! So far I've lost 23lbs so that means only 16lbs to lose to get to my pre-preg weight but 27lbs in total to lose to get to my goal.

January I will get focused ;)

Yesterday I had my 6 week doctor appointment. Everything went well! Yay!

This month is looking soo busy! Lots of visits and shopping and Christmas time! I'm going to enjoy the holidays and enjoy my precious little man. I love him soo much! I look at him and can't believe he grew inside me. Amazing feeling. I love being baby K's mom ;)