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Friday, July 15, 2011

24 weeks pregnant today!

This week!
How Far Along: 24 weeks!
Size of baby: Size of a eggplant! 1.5lbs!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: don't feel like weighing myself anymore
I know I'm gaining, no surprise haha!
Movement: Much more these days! Love it!
Cravings: Chocolate! It was my obsession this week! Not a good thing for my bum!

I've also been reading my baby books a lot. I probably will forget everything I read once Baby K arrives huh haha! So I decided that next week I will read some books for me to give me a break. There are some new releases coming out next week that I'm interested in, so can't wait to hit the book store!

Yesterday I went to mom's house and my nieces were over. I can't get enough of this squishy gal! She has the cutest personality, and her voice is so sweet. Other than when she's screaming loudly for attention when your eyes are not on her. ha! She also understand what the word NO, she use to just cry when she heard it but now she really understands it. My BIL was saying NO to her when she was touching a plastic wrap and she would look at him serious while attempting to touch it, then slowly moving her hand away, all while starring hard to see if she will hear NO. Tooooo Cute!

This is a cute bum!