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Monday, March 17, 2014

Bye bye pacifier

Little k started using the pacifier a little later than most kids. I usually used it only for bedtime but when I went back to work full-time after he turned 2, he started asking for it more and more and not just for sleep. 

But for a couple months now little k kept on losing his pacifiers. It was getting harder and harder to find the ones he liked. Dr. Browns 18+. One month I ended up buying pink ones because they were the only pack left at Walmart! 

A couple weeks ago we were down to one pacifier. We had gone to watch the Lego movie one night and I decided to bring it. Well he dropped it at the theatre and we couldn't find it! We came home and searched the house, but that was the last one.  Little k asked for it at bedtime (chuchu he calls it) but we said it was in the garbage :/ he went to bed without it and was ok all night! Then the next couple days he asked for it once or twice and we said the same thing. 

Fast forward to week 3 and we are pacifier free! He did find one in his toy box one day and was so happy and popped it in his mouth right away. I asked for him to give it to me, he did. He cried a little but eventually forgot about it. We threw it out. So hopefully no others are hiding around. Once in a while he will come ask me for it but I say I don't have it and he's ok with that. 

Wish potty training was that easy :P

Love this little man to bits!