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Thursday, September 15, 2011

33 week OB Appointment, Questions for the OB.

 Today I went for my 33 week OB appointment. Doctor said that my last ultrasound was perfect! Baby is growing as he should! I asked her about the new aches and pains and she said they are all normal :) I'm feeling pressure (down there) she said it's ok and doesn't mean early delivery, just that baby is in down position and my body is preparing for it.

I asked her again about sleeping on my back (the only way i feel comfortable) all the books say not to... she said it's totally fine! So continue to do what works for my body.

I also asked her about taking DHA/EPA supplements during my third trimester. She said she does not recommend them if they are coming from a fish source because of the mercury. She said to look for veggie based ones at the health food store. Everything I read says it should come from fish like Salmon. (which I ate before but now can't stand) I guess I will try and keep my diet balanced as much as I can... only 7 weeks left to go!

Yesterday I started my scrapbook for my pregnancy journey. My husband laughed because I put Zoe in it too. LOL She was our first FURBABY! so of course she needs to be in it!

 Fall is almost fully here!  I can't wait to see the leaves change! Yesterday I went looking for pumpkins haha! I know it's early! No one is selling them anyway! So I bought these flowers to go in the pots for now... Until I find pumpkins.... I will be the first to buy them ahah!
I love Fall!