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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stroller Fitness Class at the park

 Yesterday a friend and I joined a stroller fitness class in a park. Boy was this a workout! This park is a little far from where I live but it was the only one with a afternoon class, ha! (mornings we need sleep)

We walked, jogged and did many different exercises like squats, lunges, arm exercises, a total body workout! Everyone can go at their own pace and all the moms are very friendly and there to get a workout and to have fun.

My body is soooo sore today! My knees and hips the most!

We will be doing this class once a week for 5 weeks!

The babies totally loved it! However near the end all the babies were fussing and needed to have their snack! The class was 1.5 hours of non stop walking/jogging/exercising.

The park was so nice too, walking around the water :)

My stroller did get a little beating walking on all the uneven terrain. So I'll be looking into a jogging stroller, but on a budget so I'll be looking for a deal!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Baby and Mommy class

Today we went to a baby massage class. I learned massage techniques for my little one. From improving digestion to congestion and simple burping.

Little Kristian was so happy at first haha smiling and babbling away for the first 45mins... Then the babbling turned to whiny cries. He had enough and was hungry. So the rest of the class I fed him while I watched. ;)

I got to meet other moms which was nice. It's nice to hear how other moms care for their babies too. We learn different things from each other.

Tomorrow we have salsa babies!

Happy hump day!