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Friday, May 13, 2016

Spring Days

We almost missed stroller fitness yesterday because baby M was a little under the weather. He has his 4top teeth coming through! 4! He's miserable!!! 
But I figured he could nap in the stroller and the fresh spring air could help.

10 moms come out for stroller fitness. The instructor is amazing. She really pushes us hard! I'm feeling it today! 
Then at the end of our workout we have a little playtime with the kids 

 Michael loved it! Not one peep from him as he enjoyed the outdoors! 

This week I decorated our front porch area. 

I bought new planters with Ferns and a cute wreath. We also bought some boxwood plants to add to the front walkway. 

Just missing some mulch to add around the plants which we will do today. 

I started spring cleaning last week! I have a lot of decluttering and organizing to do!

Have a great weekend friends! Will you do some spring cleaning this weekend too? 

Friday, August 01, 2014

Summer time summer time fun

I don't want summer to be over!!!!!!!!

It's so nice heading to a park for some fun right after dinner. 

Running around looking for dinosaurs ha! Little k's new obsession. 

Taking some selfies while we are at it ha!

But little k got a few mosquito bites which he was not so happy about :/

Today my sister and I went down to our old neighborhood to workout! There will be a month gap of when our home closes and new home will be ready, so we will be staying at my moms. I'm actually pretty excited to go back to the  old neighborhood, it will always feel like home :)

Ha! We had so much fun chatting, laughing  and exercising. 

This week I think I did pretty good in my diet plan. I slipped up a couple times but over all ate healthy and watched my portions! Drank lots of water, less coffee ;) 

I'll do a weigh in Saturday morning!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Getting back on track...again.

Sigh. Watch my diet... Don't watch my diet... Watch... Don't watch... Ughh 

I'm getting back on track! Again! 

Since I started work I've been buying lunch pretty much every single day! I have been choosing healthier choices but many of the choices involve bread and more bread that I do not need. When selling our home we had to be out of the house a lot. Eating out a lot! We do enjoy going to restaurants as a family but I definitely need to keep my goals in mind! 

So today I made a yummy grilled chicken salad for today's dinner and tomorrow's lunch!
All organic veggies! Yum! 

I have a 20lbs weight loss goal I want to achieve by the new year! My last 20lbs of baby weight. I have more than one reason why I neeeed to achieve this goal by the new year! So hopefully all those reasons push me along! 

Some diet changes that started today! 
Only 1 coffee no sugar a day
Water water and more water 
Cut as many carbs and sugars as I can! 
Portion control, especially at dinner. 
2xweek workouts (I know this should be more, but it's hard to find the time!!! So I'll continue with 2x) 

Target areas: hips and thighs 

Project let's get fit is on! 

Me 7 years ago! Ohhhh how I want that body back! Ha! I remember trying to lose 20lbs that time too. Sigh. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Booty bootcamp workout!

I love the bootcamp class I joined. There are about 15 girls in the class. All different shapes and sizes and all there for the same reason. To break a sweat! And feel great about it! 


Yesterday was focus on your booty Monday! Let's just say I can barely walk today! 

On the weekend I bought new gear. Sports bra, workout tights, tshirts and runners. I found that my Nike runners were causing me to get shin splits. There's a lot of jumping in that class haha so the new addias I bought have more cushion and feel much better! 

It's April but it's cold and windy here! 
So today I decided it was still ok to wear black tights to work. I think I have till May 1st ha!

What I wore to work:
Skirt:Tristan. Blouse with beads, can't see in picture: Mexx. Tights:Spanx. Blazer: Suzy sheir. Shoes: Guess

What I wore in the pm. 

Jacket: Guess. Jeans: Mavi.
Shoes: MK 

Again, it's still so chilly. So spring jackets are a must, along with a scarf and an umbrella haha.

Even with the chilly weather we still make it to the park. Enjoying how close the park is to us right now before we move! 

Love this sweet boy soo much! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jogging stroller success

My little toddler has his days where there is no way he will sit in the stroller longer than 5 minutes. 

I was considering selling my jogging stroller since it was hardly being used for months now! 

But this week alone I got in 3 jogs! Jogging/power walking to parks a little further away. We stop at the park and play which is perfect because I don't feel guilty about making it only about me. We play in the park then jog back home. Perfect! 

I'm not sure how long this will last but I will try and make a routine of it! 

This mama has 20lbs to drop! 

Monday, April 08, 2013

A little this and that Monday

This weekend we continued our spring cleaning and added a lot more things to the to do and to buy list. Whoa both lists are very long!

The weather is all over the place here. Where's the warmer weather!! Baby K loves being outside running around so we need those nice days ha!

This afternoon I went with my sister and my new little niece to her first doctors appt. ughhh I love her!! She is soo cute!

When I got home I did a short work out. Since I stopped breastfeeding the scale has been moving in the wrong direction. I need to pick up the pace and watch calories! and burn more too!

Working out and watching a toddler run around the basement and not in my sight is not fun so we put the playpen in the basement and that's when baby k can get his iPad playing fix as I work out. Perfect.

I'm going to try and get a workout in everyday!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Goals for the week

Before I got pregnant I would write out my weekly goals on my blog. I started doing fitness Friday a couple months ago with fellow bloggers too. So this weekend I decided to get back on track with my Monday weekly goal posts.

This week I want to focus on these 3 goals.

1. Daily walks, I want to head out everyday for a walk (we just came back from a 45min walk!)

2. No drive thru! Where I live I'm surrounded by drive thru's! I admit I go through them often now that I have a baby and sometimes it's easier to pick up dinner or coffee at a window haha!. So this week my goal is nooooo drive thru's! Let's see how I do eek!

3. More water intake. This is always an issue for me. I don't drink much water. So I want to make sure I have a glass of water with every meal and water in my tumbler thingy taking lots of water in!

I'm totally focused this week! I'll be tweeting my daily accomplishments too!

What are your diet goals this week?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stroller Fitness Class at the park

 Yesterday a friend and I joined a stroller fitness class in a park. Boy was this a workout! This park is a little far from where I live but it was the only one with a afternoon class, ha! (mornings we need sleep)

We walked, jogged and did many different exercises like squats, lunges, arm exercises, a total body workout! Everyone can go at their own pace and all the moms are very friendly and there to get a workout and to have fun.

My body is soooo sore today! My knees and hips the most!

We will be doing this class once a week for 5 weeks!

The babies totally loved it! However near the end all the babies were fussing and needed to have their snack! The class was 1.5 hours of non stop walking/jogging/exercising.

The park was so nice too, walking around the water :)

My stroller did get a little beating walking on all the uneven terrain. So I'll be looking into a jogging stroller, but on a budget so I'll be looking for a deal!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Busy weekend, busy week, busy month

February is a busy month! Birthdays and V day and family and friends visits and outings. My calendar is full!

I haven't been doing so well with my diet. My scale has not budged for weeks. I have been doing a lot of walking and have the salsa fitness class every Thursday which is great, but I need to step it up!

This weekend I did some V day baking yum! However after tomorrow I must get back on track with calorie counting and meal planning. This has worked for me in the past so I need to get focused!

Friday fitness goal is no eating after 8pm. This is a tough one! I'll try my best!

Hope you all had a good weekend here are some weekend pics ;)

Friday, February 03, 2012

Fitness Friday!

It's the 4th week of Fitness Friday! Last week I missed the blog post but I still followed the goal for week 3. Week 3 was NO french fries... I was doing so well until last night, I slipped up. However not bad for slipping up once in 7 days.

So far I have lost 30lbs and have 20lbs to go to get to my first goal weight.

This week was pretty busy and haven't counted calories and ate wayyy too many sweets! eek!

So my goal this week is to get back on track with counting calories and exercise. I'm so glad I joined the salsa babies class, which is once a week.

I really want to get back to posting recipes on my recipe blog. The other night I made coconut red curry chicken with jasmine rice. It was yummy! I posted the recipe here.

Week 4 goal...Drink only water throughout the day after breakfast

What are your weekly fitness goals?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sushi and Salsa!

This week was busy!

I went out for sushi lunch with friends twice this week. Yum! A new place opened up just down the street from my house so we had to try it out. It's a cute small place and sushi was delicious ;)

Today I had my first class of salsa babies fitness! The class was full! There were about 20 mamas. The class was so fun and everyone was friendly and the instructor was really nice. What's salsa babies? It's learning how to dance salsa while holding your baby in a wrap or carrier. I used the baby bjorn carrier for this class. Kristian loved bouncing around and listening to the music and I had a great workout.

Followed by a sushi buffet lunch with a friend haha.

Tomorrow is fitness Friday! I forgot to post last week so I need to catch up!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fitness Friday - Week 3

It's fitness Friday with Cait over at

Week 2 was "Move every day" I think I did really well with this.  Walking in the mall, cleaning the house while my little one plays nicely in his playpen, or just walking around the house to get baby to sleep :)

This week was extra hard when counting calories. Baby is going through his 12 week growth spurt, and has been nursing every 2 hours during the day and back to every 3 hours a night. So I have been really hungry and have not been doing well with portion control.

Today while out I was soo hungry and was about to hit a fast food place for a burger and fries! But thought, I'm was doing so well with not going to fast food drive thru's (Tim Horton's not included :) so I went to Tim Hortons instead for a sandwich.

In 2 weeks Salsa Babies fitness class starts! And the mom and baby fitness dvd i ordered should arrive soon!

We are on week 3 of fitness Friday: Drink hot tea or coffee in the morning instead of soda

I'll do well with this goal because I don't drink any pop, we don't even have any pop in our house.

Since I was pregnant and now breastfeeding, I only drink water and occasionally ice tea.

My goals for week 3: Count Calories on My FitnessPal, Move everyday and make healthy choices.