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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby pancakes

This morning my sister and I went to breakfast with the kids. We walked to the restaurant just around the corner. 

Kristian loves pushing his baby cousin in the stroller and we like it too so he walks a little faster and in the direction we want haha.

We had a delicious breakfast and the best pancakes I have ever tasted! Yum!!!!

Kristian didn't eat that much at the restaurant. Before we left for breakfast he had a major meltdown for an avocado. So he ate one before we left haha. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

A lazy Monday

Today I went down to the city to spend the day with my sister. We started the morning with breakfast at our favorite breakfast restaurant. Kristian was sleeping at first then woke up and was a little fussy so I held him while I ate, he was happy. However breakfast out isn't the same without lots of coffee haha. I only had half a cup but really I could have easily had 2 or 3!

After breakfast we went back to my moms house to feed and change Kristian... We all were so sleepy haha so we just stayed in watching soaps and discussing my sisters wedding coming up in March!!!

Only 6 more sleeps till Christmas and still have 6 gifts to buy! I still have time ;)

How was your Monday?