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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Neighborhood Tranquility

Last weekend we found out that just steps away from our home leads us to a beautiful trail! We love walking in trails and usually drive to different parks around the city. Now we have one right in our neighborhood! 

So many big trees, it's so peaceful. 

 The trail still needs some work, we can't wait for it to be completed. It's great now but once they are done beautifying it even more it will be that much better :) 

We found a froggy
Little k loves nature walks. He's learning so much about nature in school, that's all we hear. Ha! "Look mom it's nature" haha 

It's a pretty long trail, great exercise and little k loved riding his 4 wheeler. 

Back on our street little k and his friends love switching cars. 
Ha! Love this pic! Neighborhood watch! 

Our little helper, watering the grass.

There's a little nest in our tree too!

Our backyard isn't complete yet, but we did get a fence which is great! 

My ideas of designing of the backyard changed from last year, we are still working on what will be best for both is and the kids. We have a lot of drawings ha! 
For now it's all about the kids, backyard fun! 

Oh and little set for Michael 

The kids have a blast jumping around. 

We are excited for a lot of summer fun!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Summertime fun!

Summer is coming to an end! Jk begins next week! 

We went by the new school yesterday to pick up our schedule. 

I hope it's a smooth transition!

We had a super fun weekend. It was our cousins first birthday! So we went to his pool party! 

Little k loves the pool and spent the whole afternoon in the water!! 

Little brother had fun too! Ha doing what he does best! Chillin! 

And! A cousin got engaged at the end of the party too! 

We are so happy for these 2!

Today we had some friends over for a playdate. Trying to pack in as much as we can before school! 

We have a busy week ahead and it's a perfect sunny warm end of summer! 

I bought this new easy to use wrap! So baby M can be cuddled close while we are out and about! 

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Last day of work and summertime fun!

Yay! My maternity leave has begun! 

Friday was my last day. I can't tell you how good this morning feels not having to drag myself up and out for the commute into work! 

Friday wasn't really a work day, it was longcoffee breaks and lunch breaks with the great people I work with. Then off early to begin my maternity leave. 

Oh! And the last day of summer camp for little k! He will be off with me for the summer! But then to a new school in 
September so there was some sad goodbyes Friday too :( 

Then the weekend! It was a long weekend, August civic holiday! 

We planned a jammed packed weekend. Could be the last before baby ha! 

First up. A little bbq party at our place. 
We have no fences in our backyard yet so we put up a tent and some tables and had a great time. The kids loved having access to the neighbors play set too! 

Lots of fun! The party went on to 230am! 

The next day we had more fun planned. My aunt and uncles annual summer pool party! 

Ok, being in the water pregnant is the best feeling!!!! When I was floating in the deeper end holding on to the noodle I felt my joints loosen up and not feel so stiff. My body felt Sooo relaxed! 

Always the best time with family! 

Our family is growing Soo much!!! 

With 7 of us grandchildren and almost 6 grandchildren, with many more to come! 
Can't wait to see how filled this pool is in the next 5-10years! Ha! 

The next day we still had a more fun planned! A beach day!!! We found a beach only an hour away. A perfect place with a playground for the kids and clean water to play in! 

The kids had a blast! We will be making this a summer tradition with family. 

Cousin love! And at least 2 more cousins to be joining here :) next year baby Michael will be in this wagon! 

Hope you all had a great weekend too!!!

First day of my maternity leave and patiently waiting for baby Michael! 

We are all so excited to meet him!!! 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Relaxing weekend

We had a very relaxing weekend. 
Battling the stomach flu has not been fun! 

Little man has been in a lot of pain because of it. But we still managed to have a fun filled weekend. 

Soccer fun on TV! So we had a bbq evening Friday night to watch games and the Pan Am openings! 

We had tickets to watch pan am soccer game today but with little man recovering it wasn't s good idea :( 

Little k had very little energy. He played with his friends about 20mins then he was pooped and would just sit in the shade watching. It was heartbreaking seeing his energy so low! :( 

We had a lot of cuddle family time that's forsure! 

Our neighbors have a playground set up which little k loves! So he spent some time there today ha!
We also got him a tiny pool to stay cool in this heat! 

So although we didn't get to all the plans we had, we still had a relaxing fun weekend. 

Little man is feeling much better. Eating much more today than the last 5 days. 

I think he lost some weight so hopefully gets back to himself this week! 

As for me! 34 weeks and feeling pretty heavy!! 
I'm slow these days dreading my last month at work ha! Walking from my parking spot to work this july should be fun! Hurry August!!!! 

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Yesterday we had the day off for Canada Day!! 

Our new neighborhood had a festival so we spent the afternoon walking around. 

Little k wanted to ride his bike and insists on wearing his dino helmet. Safety first! 

We had cotton candy and popcorn and watched a magic show! 

Haha of course he got so much attention from everyone around because of the helmet haha! Many people stopped to talk to him ha! 

After a late lunch we went to buy fireworks! 

Everyone on Our street was outside! We all put our fireworks together and had a great show! 

Little k met so many new kids! And some kids that will be in his new school September which is great! 

I talked to all the moms and heard about all the different summer camps in the area. Which is great to know for the future! 

Summer camp for my little guy starts monday!