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Monday, October 22, 2012

1 week today!

1 week today it's baby K's first birthday!!!!!! Where did the time go!!!!

1 week today he also starts his first day of daycare for orientation!

We have a busy week ahead preparing both these things. Not to mention my back to work stuff, emailing work and buying a whole new work wardrobe.

Monday's always start off so busy huh.

Our weekend was great and went by too quick as usual. Saturday night DH took me out on a date. We haven't gone out alone in so long! We always bring little Kris along. So it was nice to go out and enjoy a nice dinner together... Which we mostly talked about Kris anyway! Ha!
DH had a delicious steak and lobster dinner, I had steak with mushroom sauce and it was sooo good! With a little too much wine haha!

When we got home Kristian was sleeping. But my voice woke him up and I was able to snuggle him back to sleep ;)

It was nice to dress up and have fun downtown.