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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Second round of eartubes

Baby M has suffered from so many painful ear infections and so many rounds of antibiotics since he was 5 months old. 

Last week this little cutie had his second round of ear tubes put in. 

We had to be at the hospital at 6am!

This little man was soo brave! 

The hospital was great. They had some toys to keep the kids entertained. Baby M rode right into the operating room

And big brother was right by his side for support.

The surgery was quick! They drained a lot of fluid from the middle ear and placed the tubes 

These should last about a year.

 He was saying more words the same day :) 

We were so happy to have him feeling so much better and hearing clearer! 

Big brother wanted to be by his side when he woke up.

They got a little treat too. 

Love these little guys soo much! The day went smooth and we all went home afterwards for a nap! 




Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ear tubes procedure

Little man had his ear tubes put in yesterday! I was so nervous even though I knew it was a quick small procedure. 

We woke at 530am to head out to the hospital. We made it a very calm wake up and quiet drive. Little k was in a very good and curious mood. 

Looking at all the tall towers in the area and asking lots of questions. 

We explained over and over in calm voices why we were there. 

He changed into is gown no problem but asked a couple times if we were leaving haha! We reassured him that we will be together all day! 

The children's worker came in to explain to Kris and another little girl having her operation how the procedure will go on curious George 

Little k is a smart cookie and right away felt something was up! 

The hardest of the day was taking his blood pressure, he didn't like the arm pressure. 

As we waited we played games and read books 

Then it was time!!!! To get the anesthetic. 
The doctor came to explain what they will do and said that I wasn't allowed in the room because I'm pregnant. So Mr. Husband had that duty. I was already in tears so glad it was him and not me! Haha

Ha nice outfit daddy!!! 

He went in with daddy and he held him in the bed while the nurses gsve the gas mask. He was out in 30seconds

The procedure was 10minutes. It was fast!! The doctor came to explain he did so well and he had a lot of fluid in his ears and this will make a huge difference for him. 

Yay!! We were sooo happy to hear that this was the best decision we made for him. :) 

When he woke from the recovery they gave him Popsicles and he was so calm and happy. I was waiting in the room so I received a FaceTime call from my boys. 
So proud of my little boy!! He's so brave!!!!!! They both got wheeled up to the room, haha pretty cute. 

So much love for my little man!!

We received endless messages and phone calls from family and friends sending their love. 

The nurses just loved him and gave him a little good bye toy.

And we were ready to head home! 

We are sooo happy with how quick and smooth the whole thing went! 

My brave little boy!