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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just some weekend fun!

Fun at the the mall!

Shopping for baby K.

Some clothes and back to school items haha sounds funny but I keep calling daycare school.

Today at the mall Mickey and Minnie were there! So we stood in line to take pictures.

Kristian fell asleep while we were in line and I had to wake him up to meet Mickey. He was in a fog haha so wasn't too impressed.

Kris has been sleeping soooo much better lately. I'm soo happy about that!

His appetite is getting bigger too. I need to make even more food these days. This week I gave him a mix of food I made and jarred baby food too.

The last couple days I took him out the whole day from morning to night. I must say I am impressed with my little man. He is soo good for his mama. I'm able to go out and about with no problems. Love my little boy!

Today we are hitting the zoo! And today he is 9 months! another post to come later!