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Friday, February 05, 2016


I can't believe how fast the days are going by! 

Already Feb5th! 

We have been pretty busy here! And also been dealing with some off and on colds! 

Friday we finally got our backsplash installed! I went crazy trying to decide 
But I'm so happy with the choice we made. 

We did a marble subway tile and then a mosaic marble design in the middle. The exact  look I was going for. Perfect for our kitchen. Looks even better in person.

Last weekend was full of yummy eating out ha! 

Sushi! We ran into little k's JK teachers there too! Ha!

Mm quesadilla's and burritos! Soo good! 
I always get the shrimp burrito with guacamole and refried beans stuffed with other veggies and cheese!  Ahhhhh!

These 2 are hilarious!  brother snuggles!

Baby m loves his big brothers attention. 

Look and this cutie! Already wanting to crawl away! 

Ha! We are always soo happy to see daddy after work. Mommy more because I need a break sometimes! 

Sunday we went to church and it was all about this passage. <3 I read this passage at my cousins wedding a couple years ago. It's always been one of my favorite ones.

Monday was my dads birthday. He would have been 60 years old :(

Little k had a PA day. I told my mom to take the day off so we could go to the mall and have lunch together. 

We shopped a little and then went for lunch! 
Little man loves sushi and steak and they had an entree just for that! And calamari our favorite!
The boys love their grandma and we were happy to put a smile on her face.
The restaurant was playing some of my dads favorite songs. Mom was getting a little emotional. It was like a sign to us that he knew we were celebrating his birthday. :) 

Then we spent some time at my grandparents house. We call them super Nonna and super nonno. How blessed are the kids having such great, great grandparents that love them sooooo much! 

In their 80's and still preping meals. 

The end of season sales are getting better and better. Bought these Vince Camuto boots for 70% off. 

DH began working on my shoe closet. 
Our spare room has 2 closets, perfect! I claim them! Ha!
It Still needs some work and I still have shoes in boxes from our move! DH asked why I always say I need shoes haha! Ughhhhh we can never have too many shoes! 

It's the weekend already! 

February is jammed backed with birthdays! Yay!!! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

End of season...

I'm so lucky that we have 1 year maternity leave in Canada with the government talking about extending it to 18 months. How great would that be for future parents. Spending as much time as we can with our babies is so special. I love being home with my kids and running the household. :) my boys just melt my heart! I know I say that everyday! But they doooo. 

Lately baby M has been taking 3 hour morning naps. So I've been getting a lot of errands done in the morning. Today I decided to get dressed up and hit the mall. Since most days consist of wearing tights and shirts with spit up haha. 

New boots. Scored for a great deal. 70%off! Oh how I love end of season sales. I love that it's a thicker heel. Instead of wearing my other flat boots or stiletto boots, this is a perfect casual in between!

Little batman loves my necklace ha! It's from Stella and Dot it's my go to necklace for everyday. It can be dressed up or down and worn 5 different ways to add different looks! I love it! 

Back to sales. There are some awesome end of season sales. Which has me in stores and online everyday! Yikes! some of the deals are too good to pass up!

Have you been finding great deals at stores near you? Or online? 

Because we have! 

Have a great weekend friends! 

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Some weekend fun

Delayed post with a bunch of pics of course! 

Friday my husband and I went shopping for house items! New dinnerware for the new home! Time is flying and it's crunch time!!! 

We are soo excited to get to our new home, new memories to be made, a new beginning filled with love for our growing family. 

Our little family of 3, will soon be 4. Making us even stronger than we were before. 

After shopping for a couple hours we decided, well actually my cravings decided on dinner. 

I had the 1.5lbs lobster! The Mr had 2lbs! 
Along with the most delicious lobster bisque, garlic bread and escargots!

Ohh I'm drooling right now as I post this ha! 

Saturday was another day shopping. Getting little K's uniform for Montessori school! 

Ohhh I cried seeing him all dressed up, such a big boy now. 

How cute is he!!!

And his new dress shoes! 

He's a size 10! His shoe size always surprises me!! He's growing up and fast! 

The rest of the weekend was filled with friends and family. Birthday parties and Super Bowl! Pizza wings chips ohhh  yum! 

The cousins having way too much fun together.

And us recovering from a fun filled weekend! 

I hope to start weekly pregnancy updates or at least monthly ones!  Need to get my act together! I want to track this pregnancy as I did little k's! 

One things forsure, I'm sooo tired! And was not this tired when I was preggo with little k! 

Good night friends! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weekend recap snow days

Thursday we had a big snow storm! 

The commute to work was much longer than normal. The roads were so bad! 

Little K loved walking through all the snow. 

So we made him shovel the sidewalk. Ha!

By Friday the roads were clear and the snow was already melting from milder temps. 

We had a fun weekend. My weekend started Friday night with these girls 

We went for dinner and caught up with eachother. It's been a while since we all got together minus the kiddies. 

The rest of the weekend was dedicated to Christmas shopping and fun with little k. 

We went to a outdoor oulet mall. A little chilly for that tho! We shopped a bit. And really enjoyed the Christmassy feel with all the lights and decorated trees! 

We then went to enjoy a Christmas lights show! 

All that shopping and driving got us hungry. 
Yum pizza!!! 

It was a fun day about an hour away from home. We stopped for chocolate treats for the car ride home from Hershey's Factory. Yum!! 

We got home late and we all crashed! 

This morning we were out early to continue the Christmas shopping. First stop breakfast at a nearby restaurant then a park for fun before getting to any stores.

A winter wonderland.

I love waiting last minute to shop for gifts.  So this year is no different. I'll be shopping and wrapping till Christmas Eve! Little K is so much more excited this year. He can't wait for Santas gifts!