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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Our first family vacation!

We just came back from our first family vacation! To Mexico!

 I did not know how it was going to be travelling with a 9 month old. I had to pack everything! I can say that I did over pack for the 4 day vacation we went on. But better have more than less!!

Kristian absolutely loved it!

And it was not hard either! Both ways I only needed to change him once on the plane and it was easy, the plane had a change table. We also took turns holding him in the plane and he was happy. 

I was impressed with my little travelling little boy.

On the way there he was awake the whole plane ride... about 3 hours to Mexico.

He loved looking out the window. He even clapped when everyone else did at the landing ahahh!

And on the way back he slept the whole time!

During the trip we let him lead us with his schedule everyday and it worked out.

We woke up daily around 8am, I fed him his cereal in our room then we went out to breakfast then to the beach or the pool.  Around 11am is his usual nap so we would either go back to the room for an hour or let him sleep on the beach. Same went for his afternoon and evening naps. We did get back to our room early (Not the single party trips with a baby haha!) We were in our room at about 10pm. 

The vacation was soo relaxing. We loved our hotel. Grand Sunset Princess in the Riviera Maya!

We brought a small umbrella stroller which was great to have, The resort was pretty big, so we did a lot of walking!

The weather was amazing!

Kristian loved being out in the sun all day! I kept him in the shade a lot and with a hat and Aveeno Baby sunscreen too!

He did nurse a lot more the past 5 days. I brought jarred baby food for him and he didn't want any of it! I fed him some fresh fruits and nursed him.  All was fine and he was happy.

He even slept great there too! waking only once to nurse!

I can't wait for our next family trip! We has sooo much fun!