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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

9 months old!

We can't get enough of this cutie! The whole family just adores you! You are so happy and soo sweet! 

At 9 months old you weigh 19lbs and in 12 month clothing. Size 4 diapers. You are my big boy! You still nurse a lot and also eat a lot! You mastered the pincer grasp a while ago and you eat everything in sight ha! 

You may have an allergy to milk, we aren't sure yet but you broke out in hives when I recently gave it to you. An allergy test is on its way.

You are crawling super fast and also eager to walk! You practice by walking around furniture and walking while pushing some toys!

You follow big brother all over and you already fight him for the toys, ha!

You want everything that big brother has or is doing. It's amazing watching you learn soo fast! 

You love the piano and always crawl to it and try to reach the keys.

You love being out and about. You've adapted soo well to our family that is always on the go! You love it too! I see you taking in all the new experiences and learning so quickly!

Happy 9 months little cutie! We love you Sooo much! Mommy is already planning your first year birthday! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun times playing

Yesterday I went over a friend's house for a play date! Check out her blog here. She posted lots of pics!

We had a sushi lunch and the kids got to play together. Isaac is so quick crawling and standing and soo adorable! Kristian doesn't crawl yet but loves to stand up, we were hoping Isaac could teach him to crawl hahaha!



 My friend bought Kristian a 1 year old birthday shirt!! I can't believe how fast time went by! Isaac turns 1 in a month and Kris in 2. ugh!

 She also bought me this beautiful friendship Angel for my birthday :)

Last night Kristian was up every half hour from 4:30am to 8:30am. I see the white of the 4 top teeth, two more than the others. I'm exhausted today! and Kristian has been a little cranky.

I took out some new toys for him to play with and he is having some fun and driving Zoe our cat crazy haha!

Zoe wants to play too
Got Mail? haha!

This weekend is packed with fun. My niece is having her birthday party at a fun room and it's my sisters birthday too! Along with the keys to her new house! My sister will be living close by! Yay!

Monday, August 20, 2012

New foods and favorites! Baby food

My little guy loves to feed himself now! He was great with holding bigger pieces but not the tiny pieces until yesterday!

So now I have been cutting up little pieces of all kinds of foods for him to chow down on!

Pieces of cooked carrots, parsnips, pears, squash, sweet potato! The list goes on!

Today I made a mix of red lentils, sweet potato and garlic. I made enough for the week along with steamed squash and broccoli. I also made his favorite purée of squash and pears.

Tomorrow we will try some ground turkey!

I'm excited that we have been moving away from mostly purée foods and on to chunkier foods.

This little one is growing up fast!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baby is awake when...

Even tho I have a video monitor so I can check up on Kristian when he sleeps, I don't even have to look at it to know when Kristian is awake. I just hear the music. Ha! When he wakes up he turns on the baby einstein aquarium music and plays. Adorable!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some new things!

Kristian is learning so much everyday. I get so excited when he does something new and make him do it over and over haha. I love when I say "clap your hands" he claps, when I say "splash" when he is taking a bath he splashes like crazy. When I say "kiss kiss kiss" he gives me kisses.

I love watching him play with his toys and copy what I show him to do.

He is growing up sooo fast! Love my little boy soo much!

Less than 2 months and I'm going back to work ;( I have so much to do before then, it's totally stressing me out. That's another post on it's own.

My birthday was on Sunday, we had a small bbq and Kristian helped me blow out my candle ;) when midnight hit I was nursing Kristian, perfect start to my new year.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

9 month checkup

Today was baby Kristian's 9 month checkup!

He weighs 16lbs

His doctor said he is a little on the lighter side but perfectly healthy and he is not concerned at all as is weight has been increasing perfectly for him. Kris is exactly at the developmental stage that he needs to be too, which is always great to hear.

He told me to continue feeding him all sorts of different foods and said not to worry at all and try everything!! He even said peanuts! But I'm not ready for that yet!

I asked about weaning from breastmilk within the next 2 months to homomilk he said to go ahead and do it. He said sippy cup only, no bottle. Which is fine Kris never took a bottle. He also told me not to be concerned about the reduction of milk. He wants to see his patients with less milk more foods. He has too many mothers drowning their kids appetites with milk. So he does not want me calling with concern if in 2 months Kris isn't drinking any milk Ahaha he actually said that once he weans off breastmilk he probably won't drink any other milk and I would just need to feed other things like cheese and yogurt daily. Our doctor is a little different on this topic than most books I read. But I trust him and feel good following what he suggests.

I feel much better now knowing that when I wean in 2 months Kris would have gotten all that he needed.

I got some great ideas from twitter friends on different foods to try.

So I have been changing up his meals. Mashing up foods we eat and giving him a variety.

Our next doctors appt will be at 12 months!

Second tooth and standing up!

Kristian's second tooth is out!

He loves to do things on his own. Like feed himself baby cookies.

I'm starting up a new menu for him. Adding more of chunkier foods and foods he can pick up and feed himself.

He is growing up sooo quickly!

He calls me mama! And when he wants to nurse he says mummummum haha so cute!

He will clap when you say clap and he is starting to lift himself up!

He wasn't fastened in his highchair last night and he stood up! Yikes!!!

Today we have his 9 month doctor check up. I'll post on that tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Our first family vacation!

We just came back from our first family vacation! To Mexico!

 I did not know how it was going to be travelling with a 9 month old. I had to pack everything! I can say that I did over pack for the 4 day vacation we went on. But better have more than less!!

Kristian absolutely loved it!

And it was not hard either! Both ways I only needed to change him once on the plane and it was easy, the plane had a change table. We also took turns holding him in the plane and he was happy. 

I was impressed with my little travelling little boy.

On the way there he was awake the whole plane ride... about 3 hours to Mexico.

He loved looking out the window. He even clapped when everyone else did at the landing ahahh!

And on the way back he slept the whole time!

During the trip we let him lead us with his schedule everyday and it worked out.

We woke up daily around 8am, I fed him his cereal in our room then we went out to breakfast then to the beach or the pool.  Around 11am is his usual nap so we would either go back to the room for an hour or let him sleep on the beach. Same went for his afternoon and evening naps. We did get back to our room early (Not the single party trips with a baby haha!) We were in our room at about 10pm. 

The vacation was soo relaxing. We loved our hotel. Grand Sunset Princess in the Riviera Maya!

We brought a small umbrella stroller which was great to have, The resort was pretty big, so we did a lot of walking!

The weather was amazing!

Kristian loved being out in the sun all day! I kept him in the shade a lot and with a hat and Aveeno Baby sunscreen too!

He did nurse a lot more the past 5 days. I brought jarred baby food for him and he didn't want any of it! I fed him some fresh fruits and nursed him.  All was fine and he was happy.

He even slept great there too! waking only once to nurse!

I can't wait for our next family trip! We has sooo much fun!