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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Counting My Calories.

I used my Food Processor for the first time!

My husband's mom always makes Chimol and I love it. Chimol is like a Salsa I guess. Chopped Tomato, Pepper, Cilantro, Onions,Oil and Lemon. You can make it chunky or you can make it more like a sauce. With my food processor I made my own version! I made it like a sauce so I can pour it over grilled chicken tonight. Yum!

I've been using "myfitness pal" App on my iphone to track my calories. I love this app because it has everything you can possibly think of!

It even had what I ate yesterday... A Mucho Burrito! Delicious! Although, it made me go over my daily calories.... I wouldn't have thought about it at all if I hadn't added it to my app.
I'll do better today. I'm making my grocery list now! Less eating out and more eating in!

Do you calorie count? How have you been doing lately!?