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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Counting My Calories.

I used my Food Processor for the first time!

My husband's mom always makes Chimol and I love it. Chimol is like a Salsa I guess. Chopped Tomato, Pepper, Cilantro, Onions,Oil and Lemon. You can make it chunky or you can make it more like a sauce. With my food processor I made my own version! I made it like a sauce so I can pour it over grilled chicken tonight. Yum!

I've been using "myfitness pal" App on my iphone to track my calories. I love this app because it has everything you can possibly think of!

It even had what I ate yesterday... A Mucho Burrito! Delicious! Although, it made me go over my daily calories.... I wouldn't have thought about it at all if I hadn't added it to my app.
I'll do better today. I'm making my grocery list now! Less eating out and more eating in!

Do you calorie count? How have you been doing lately!?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Got ya!

Can you see the pic above it's a little dark but that is Zoe hiding under the bed. Her new thing is to hide quietly under the bed when we are getting ready for bed so she doesn't get seen and doesn't get kicked out. She stays quietly until 2/3 am ish and sneaks into our bed for cuddles. It's cute and I love her, but husband gets allergies and if we move the way she does not agree with she will start biting and wake us up. So now every night we need to pull her out from under the bed and lock her out of our room. ahah her hiding place has been found!

Today is sooo cold here in toronto! -11c and feels like -20c BURRRRR!!!!!! Hats, scarfs and gloves are very much needed!

Cilantro pic. This is what it looks like today after just over a week in the fridge, it's a little wilted and does not smell as fresh. It tasted fine on the weekend. I will try it today. Over all it's lasts longer in the water than just in the bag.

2 more days of work then a week vacation ahhhhhh! Love the holidays!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Monday, December 14, 2009

How to keep cilantro fresh

I love buying cilantro but every time I store it in the fridge it gets bad pretty fast. So I googled my issue and I found that if you cut the stems and put them in water in the fridge it will stay fresh longer. So my experiment is on! Sunday was day 1 and today they still look great, I will be keeping my eye on them, well that is before they get eaten up haha.

Tonight for dinner I had baked chicken wings with sweet potato fries and spinach salad! Yum!
And for dessert I had a chocolate pudding ;)

Oh and how can I forget to mention I have 70 followers! I'm sooo excited! Welcome new followers, I hope you enjoy my blog ;) I love reading all your blogs too!

My husband just told me that I should aim for 100 followers by the new year... hmmm...not sure how I could get 30 more followers in that little time, I'm so grateful already for all my current followers.... So we will leave that at that for now.

This week I have a busy busy week so not sure how much blogging I will fit in ;( I need to finish up my Christmas shopping and have many Christmas parties to attend to tooo. (what to wear will be making me crazy)

Yesterday my husband put up the stocking

And it was not long before Zoe decided she did not like them hung.