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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Costume on a Budget!

I was having a hard time deciding what to be for Halloween this year. I've been so busy with my job hunt that I really found it hard to come up with something. On Friday night I went out with my sister and through our conversation I came up with the idea of being a Zombie! Not only could I make the costume out of a old dress, it was a simple and cheap idea that would not take long to make. My costume was made in 1/2 an hour Saturday afternoon ;) I had a dress which I had for years and worn it plenty of times, so I decided to cut it up! I also cut up a pair of tights and made arm bands with old pantyhose heehee. Done! Now all I need to do is wear scary makeup and tease my hair and there I have, a Zombie!

To think of it, all my costumes were always low cost. I never spent more than $30.00 on a costume, IF even that!

Below are some of my previous costumes. I love last years costume, 70's!!!! ahah I laugh at this picture every time I see it haha!

Only had to purchase the wig for 12.99 and the rest came from my closet!

2007 I was a cat, Only bought accessories for $20.00 and wore a Black dress. :)

Above was one of my cheapest Halloween costumes ahaha! only bought the witch hat for $1.00 and the dollar store!!

This week I'm going shopping for candy to give out to the neighborhood kids for Halloween. It's our first Halloween here at the new house so I hope I buy enough candy!!!