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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thanksgiving long weekend!

The weather was perfect this weekend. We had a couple of fun events and ended our weekend with a yummy turkey made by moi!  

Little K was so excited for the weekend! 

The Mr picked him up early on Friday, and that was a perfect start to the long weekend! 

First thing Saturday we had little k's swimming lessons. 
He is loving this class. He is so cute, always asking to go first when trying new things. 

After swimming lessons we met up with family and friends at a pumpkin patch! 
This place was beautiful and so scenic! 


The kids had soo much fun! 
Playing on the hills, going in the boo barn and riding a pony!!


After a fun day out we ended the evening at a yummy restaurant. 
We are so proud of our kids. They love socializing and being out together with family and friends. They were having their own little conversation and asking each other what they will order. They had a blast! 

The family fun continued on Sunday. We had my grandmothers 85th birthday party! We love super Nonna soo much! 

The food was soo good at this restaurant! My grandparents were so happy to have everyone together celebrating. 

We got my grandma a Kate spade purse! 

Then came Monday! We were up early and everyone helped in the kitchen! 

 Our new family tradition! 

I'm so proud of my turkey haha! It was my first time, and it came out delicious! I made rice, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes,beans, corn cranberry sauce, gravy soo good! And Apple pie for dessert! 

We said our prayer before our lunch and we all said out loud what we were thankful for. Little k said he was thankful for his cousins, his family and friends, his toys, iPad, and water. Haha. We helped him extend his thanks to many other things and also praying for those in need.

 We are so thankful and blessed to have amazing friends and family. We had a great weekend full of love. Making great memories and new traditions. 

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours. 



Wednesday, October 05, 2016

a little this and that

Going back to work was a big thing last week, but we still had a lot of fun in between ha! 

Friday night I went out with my sister and cousins for a little girls dinner to catch up. 

Saturday little K had his first swim lesson.  He is so eager to learn. He loves the pool and beach. 

We finally got around to painting! Yay! 
My husband is awesome and he completed the first floor in 2 days. 

The house feels so warm and cozy and has much more of a homey feel. We love it! 

We love moving our art around. This piece was in the office, but now looks amazing in the diningroom. We looked up the meaning of this art and to my surprise it's a painting by Marc Lawrence 

I now love this piece even more. 


 This weekend I'll be on the hunt for new pillows to match it! 

We are also looking for more art, or maybe a clock to go above the piano.
We are also taking professional family photos soon, so a large picture will be put up in this area too! 

 Fall is the best season. 

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we have sooo much to be thankful for. 

Happy FALL!! 



Monday, November 09, 2015

A beautiful Sunday

Sunday was a beautiful fall day. 

We were up early so decided to go have breakfast by the lake. I dressed baby M in an Adidas track suit, when little K saw the Adidas logo he was upset that he wasn't dressed the same. So he went to pick out his TFC jersey to match. Ha! 

Baby M napped the whole time.

We then went to walk by the lake. This is our favorite thing to do. 

Can you guess what's in his backpack. 
Transformers. Ha! He has to bring them everywhere he goes. 

We then went to the park. 

It was such a beautiful day! And little k loves nothing more than to have freedom to run around! 

Don't worry baby M you'll be playing here soon Enough! I better shape up to chase you both around! 

So many people were out enjoying the day. Along with ice cream trucks and 
Candy carts! 

We even helped a little boy find his mommy. He ran a little too far from the park and was crying. Little k was so sweet and so concerned. We held his hand and went to look for him mom. He then spotted her and ran to her! She was so shocked and happy that we helped. 
My heart just sank, a parents nightmare losing their child in a big place. We were happy to be there to help! 

Little k had an awesome day at the park. And an awesome weekend overall! 

Little k did a little shopping too! We went to visit my grandparents on Saturday and they always give the kids $10-$20 when they see them. They did that with us until we were like 20! Ha! Little k usually puts it in his piggybank or buys himself a treat. 
So a soon as he saw the money he said he wanted to go to the ABC store (toys r us) I'm not sure why he began calling it the abc store ha! So with some gift cards from his birthday he was able to pick 1 toy.... 

Ha! Having fun with these light sticks all weekend I mean light saber Star Wars thingy's. This is living with big and little kids haha! 

We are getting ready to enjoy all things Christmassy!! 

Next weekend we will put up our tree and 
Decorate! For now I just pulled out the easy table top things. 

So excited for Christmas this year with 2 little boys! I'm waiting on baby M's personalized stocking! 

Little k is already asking everyday if santa is here yet! Oh boy! 

Happy monday friends!  


Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Halloween 2015

I know my post is late but my posts are my memory banks. Pictures and a glance  of our lives.  To share when my kids are older.

And halloween 2015 was a fun day! 

Well first of all, little k loved being a power ranger for Halloween. His costume fir perfectly and boy was it the cutest! Ha! 
He was wearing it in the house way before Halloween and uhh he wore it yesterday after school too. Haha 

On the Friday before Halloween he had a dance a thon at school, he went in costume and he was soooo excited! 

But he had a little cough, and he coughed so hard he threw up ;( so he left school early Friday but was fine! 

I had a very low budget costume ha! But the kids loved it haha.

We went to my brothers house to trick or treat in his neighborhood. 

My nieces were Sooo cute all dressd up. 

How cute are they! 

They were like little adults. Talking about their costumes and monsters and trick or treating. 

The funniest part of that day was my sister inlaw putting scary pictures in the bathroom... Well the kids were terrified. Little K was screaming and fighting me in the bathroom because he was scared. Oh boy thanks Tia! Haha

It was a rainy night. Like every year!!! 

The kids had so much fun even in the rain. 

Then we got cozy and watched Halloween movies.

It was a late night for these kids. 

Which ended perfectly with waffles! 

These kids had a great Halloween 2015!!