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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Creams for the pregnant belly...

When I first got pregnant I started buying every cream that said it would prevent stretch marks and/or for the pregnant belly. I tried a lot of creams and liked them all, yet found some were pricey and wasted so fast too... I got lazy and gave up ahahh. I know many of us preggo's ask other moms what they used, that's what I did. So I decided to share what I use now.
I just use creams that I used before.
Vaseline Cocoa Butter Cream for my body, it's like 4 bucks and lasts, and Body Shop Cocoa Butter, 20 bucks and lasts too.  I only use the bodyshop one on my belly and bum I don't like the feeling of it on my arms and legs. (Not during the hot sticky summer blah!)
Big belly! Sorry to startle you!

I read that no matter what creams we use, if you will get stretchmarks in pregnancy, you'll get them with creams or without. Greeeaaaattt. So far I don't have any on my belly, I don't even have the dark line... yet.... I do have a stretched belly button and a stretched hole above it where my belly ring was haha! All my stretch marks are on the side of my hips and bum (for me, being hippy to begin with it's noooo surprise that my hips and bum would be the areas to grow faster than the belly hhaha!)

Did you get stretchmarks when pregnant? What creams do you use and love? (pregnant or not :)