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Sunday, July 22, 2012

My sweet boy is growing up!

Baby K is almost 9 months old. The past week/ weekend I've seen soo many more changes in him.

He now claps and bounces when he hears music which is adorable!

He is gaining more strength and lifts off his toys to climb on them. He isn't crawling yet, but slithers and goes backwards and side to side haha.

He loves playing with toy balls throwing them and getting them back.
He loves playing in his playpen with all his toys. (great for me too, I can cook or do dishes as he plays ;)

He is starting to eat mum mums (baby crackers) alone! This is great for me too because he stays entertained with it!Ha!

He is eating a variety of foods these days. Tomorrow I have a new recipe I want to try out. Chicken and carrots with olive oil and onions! Delish! Hahaha

We are planning for our trip that's coming up! I have a huge list of what to bring! Eek! But I'm soo excited to see baby K play on the beach!