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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby knows best?

My little guy ate a whole little container of blueberries yesterday (cut in half). Everytime he was done he cried for more.

It amazes me each time I feed him different foods. He loves the good stuff. I know that babies change all the time. (oh do I know that) But right now my little guy loves pretty much all fruits, veggies, beans, whole grain toast with cheese.... He gobbles it all up and always asks for more.

With our sorta- trying -not succeeding-don't know what I want to accomplish- weaning-sleep training going on (haha!) meal time has been a calm relaxing thing around here. Where we can both sit and chow down without any fuss.

Today I'm steaming zucchini and butternut squash. I also bought more delicious blueberries and avocado today.

What foods do your babies love?

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New steam pot and finger foods for baby

This mama has not made purées in while! I now just steam or cook all his food and let him feed himself. I still give baby cereal a couple times but it has reduced a lot!

I'm always searching these days for good finger food ideas for baby. He is 10 months old and has tried a wide range of foods! Our doctor gave us the ok months ago to try everything! (so always check with your doctor and you know too what your little one is ready for)

Here are some finger food ideas I have. Share yours with me too!

Steamed veggies!
Our favorites are broccoli, butternut squash, sweet potato, zucchini, carrots, peas, parsnips all steamed and cut into small pieces that he can grab.

Fruit, soft and cut into small pieces, favorites here avocado, banana, strawberries (pretty ripe and soft) mango, apricots. Steamed apples and pears (I make them pretty soft)

Egg yolks! Baby loves these. I boil them and cut them up and he loves it.

Black beans and chickpeas! I heat them up to soften them and serve. I cut chickpeas in smaller pieces.

Always watch your little one when they eat. ;) my little guy likes to stuff his mouth really quick! The other morning he was saving watermelon pieces in his cheeks!

I also give pieces of toast with cream cheese.

Cooked pasta cut up drizzled with olive oil.

Pieces of cheddar cheese cut up small.

All meats cut up in small pieces too!

A friend suggested to roll softer foods in Parmesan cheese or baby cereal for easier pickup for the slippery type foods. I'll try that one day too!

Some quick dry snack foods I give that are good for self feeding are the baby mum mum's and gerber puffs and cheese straws (not as meals).

What finger foods do your little ones love!?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My sweet boy is growing up!

Baby K is almost 9 months old. The past week/ weekend I've seen soo many more changes in him.

He now claps and bounces when he hears music which is adorable!

He is gaining more strength and lifts off his toys to climb on them. He isn't crawling yet, but slithers and goes backwards and side to side haha.

He loves playing with toy balls throwing them and getting them back.
He loves playing in his playpen with all his toys. (great for me too, I can cook or do dishes as he plays ;)

He is starting to eat mum mums (baby crackers) alone! This is great for me too because he stays entertained with it!Ha!

He is eating a variety of foods these days. Tomorrow I have a new recipe I want to try out. Chicken and carrots with olive oil and onions! Delish! Hahaha

We are planning for our trip that's coming up! I have a huge list of what to bring! Eek! But I'm soo excited to see baby K play on the beach!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby food for the week!

Yesterday we went to visit the doctor. I've been a little concerned since Kristian has been nursing less and doesn't drink much water. I try giving him a bottle or sippy cup of water but he will just play and spit it out!

The doctor said not to worry and he will get what he needs from solids. He suggested I give each food group twice a day. So today we will start our new menu.

I bought the jars of meat purée instead of making it. I made it once and so far I rather buy that. I do give small pieces of our cooked meat when I make it too.

I made lots of fruits and veggies today!

Apple and carrots
Butternut squash and pears
And blueberries!

Kris is also loving apple cinnamon oatmeal!

Food for the week!

Friday, June 15, 2012

A little this and that

Baby K was a little fussy this morning. I'm blaming teeth but also started to consider something else. A decrease in my breast milk supply. I'm not a 100% on that but have a feeling! So I decided to up his food intake. Our Pedetrician told us by 9 months more food less milk anyway so I'll see how it goes.

Yesterday I made apples and pears purée thicker and chunkier. Baby K loved that! Whoo!

He is learning and growing so much so fast! Giving high fives, clapping hands and opening and closing his hands to say hi or bye. He is always paying close attention to us when we speak to him and even responded in baby babble haha!

He is full of energy and loves attention. He knows all eyes are on him all the time. Haha!

A friend recommended Phil and Teds lobster high chair so I bought it and bring it around with us in the car. We used it at my moms house yesterday. It's perfect!

Today we went over to my aunts house and sat by the pool. Kristian loves the water. We will need to bring him for a swim soon!!

I really want to take him on a trip before I go back to work in the I'm hoping to get his passport soon!

This weekend is full of events. Birthday party and fathers day. We are excited for the weekend!