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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Decor and Your Opinions

Blogger friends, I need your opinions! My dining room has been the 1 room that has made me crazy since the day I moved in! It's a long room and I always feel like it looks empty. However I'm also not one to over crowd a room.

I'm thinking of adding 2 chairs and a little round table in the window corner and also thinking of getting curtains... This is where I need help.... I'm no fan of curtains, especially with a furry cat that thinks the dining room belongs to her. We also lovee the natural light our house brings in, during the day, not 1 light needs to be on because of all the natural light.

But do you think Curtains here will complete the room more....? Take a look...

What do you think???

Yesterday I was out shopping and I found some spring items for my home, look how cute this vase is, it 50% off too, so I like it even more haha!
And of course I found a HOPE rock. It think it's for the garden ha! But for now it's on my kitchen counter.
Can't wait for your input... Curtains... No curtains...