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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Basement play area

We finally made the basement into a play area. 

I love it! 

It has all his toys and we get to spend our time as a family down there playing with little K. 

Today I bought new bean bag seats to be a little more comfy. 
They were on sale and at least 5 people stopped me as I was walking out to see what they were and wanted to buy them too! Ha! 

Now to find more time to workout too. Sigh. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Basement play area for baby k

We finally re-did the floors in the basement to make it more cozy for a play area for baby k.

We lived here for 4 years and rarely used the basement. But with a kid. I'm so glad we have that extra space.

Here are some before and after pics.

New floors 

Baby k loves the extra space to run and play. Even better when I get laundry done while we play too ha!

Baby k will be starting daycare next week and our plan is to play in the basement every day after dinner before bedtime so we get to play together everyday! 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Play date fun day

Today was another full day out while the floors are being completed.

First stop a friends house up the street for a breakfast playdate! The boys played and my friend made a huge breakfast!! It was awesome! 

It was raining allllll day! So no park fun for the kids. 

Baby k is 20 months old and I can't keep up with how fast he's changing before my eyes. This week alone he said 5 more new words. I lost count now on how many words he says. He was pretty good with using a fork from months ago but would take a while, now he demands a fork to eat! Ha! 

Once I got home in the evening I was soooo happy to see the awesome new floors! Can't wait to clean up and put the house back in order! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Renos and all day outings.

The floors are almost done! Sneak peak below! I absolutely love them! 

The past couple days I've been out of the house while the work is being done. Running around with a toddler all day is exhausting. Even though we spend most time at my sisters and parks, not having a home to stop into to unwind is tiring. Lots of eating out too this week. We will need a detox next week! 

Baby k's sleep is all over the place since we aren't really following his schedule that much while the renos are going on. 

Which makes for a little cranky pants baby at times demanding with his screams. Tonight I was done with the screams and the cats crazy meowing because things are not in order for her hahaaa. I need sleep! Shhhhh 

But I love my new floors! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reno project - new floors

We are finally getting our floors done! We are getting hardwood on the main and second floor. It's going to be a lot of work! I've been prepping the house for 2 weeks now. Moving a lot of things to the basement and clearing out closets. One whole room in the basement is now storage. Wehavetoomuchstuff. Tackling the basement next week will make me faint haha

Our office closet was a disaster. We had boxes from our move 4 years ago that we haven't opened haha! 

I re boxed a lot too since the cat was all over them for years. They were big hair balls! 

We have all the rooms ready for the installation. We fit our master bedroom in the master bathroom! Yes our bathroom is like a full bedroom. I love that about our house. 

I'm excited and nervous about the renos. But soo excited to see the final outcome.

I do love carpet, especially for Kristian he loves throwing himself down for fun. But with a cat and allergies its time it goes. 

Tonight we are bunking in baby k's room. He'll be surprised when he sees us in a bed next to his crib ha! 

This morning he walked in the master bathroom and said "awwww naoooo" ha!  Oh no is right. It'll be fun putting it all back together. ;) 

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mothers Day Mom's!

Just want to wish all you beautiful moms a happy mothers day!

This afternoon we are going to visit my grandmother and the moms.

Today is another beautiful day!

Yesterday we spent the whole day working around the house (although  I took a break to visit my grandparents and family in the afternoon :)

Husband worked on the backyard fence while we had electricians installing potlights on our home outdoors.

The potlights look great! We are now the brightest house on the block haha!

I also bought some flowers for my urns :) Ahhh Love the sunny days!
Hope you all have a beautiful mothers day!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Decor and Your Opinions

Blogger friends, I need your opinions! My dining room has been the 1 room that has made me crazy since the day I moved in! It's a long room and I always feel like it looks empty. However I'm also not one to over crowd a room.

I'm thinking of adding 2 chairs and a little round table in the window corner and also thinking of getting curtains... This is where I need help.... I'm no fan of curtains, especially with a furry cat that thinks the dining room belongs to her. We also lovee the natural light our house brings in, during the day, not 1 light needs to be on because of all the natural light.

But do you think Curtains here will complete the room more....? Take a look...

What do you think???

Yesterday I was out shopping and I found some spring items for my home, look how cute this vase is, it 50% off too, so I like it even more haha!
And of course I found a HOPE rock. It think it's for the garden ha! But for now it's on my kitchen counter.
Can't wait for your input... Curtains... No curtains...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Before And After Pics

Before Kitchen
Before Living room

Before Dining Room

After Kitchen!

After Dining Room

After Living Room!!
Finally! I love how different the house looks by just adding pot lights and crown molding. My husband had to re-paint all the walls because of the dust that messed up the walls. It was alot of work! They had to scrape the ceilings from the stucco it had and boy did that make the biggest mess ever! Our project took a while to complete but I'm glad we did it!
I feel like a maid! I've cleaned so much and still have to get into the glass cases to clean em all up and still need to put some decor back in the dining room.
I have more cleaning scheduled for my evening....
I should get cleaning...

Monday, February 28, 2011

My New Wok! and more.

Day 1 of the week for at home cooking!
I bought this new wok and made my favorite meal Coconut Red Thai Curry Shrimp!
I loaded the broccoli in there, along with red peppers and mushrooms. Dinner was delicious! and I didn't snack at all tonight :) I made good choices all day!

I really love the purchases I made over the weekend. My favorite pieces include this gray blazer. I have a black one already and I would love to find a red one! These blazers are great for both work and pleasure. At work with a pair of dress pants and pleasure with tights or jeans!

I bought this shirt too that can be worn underneath the blazer or I can even wear a long sleeve tight black shirt under it and that would look great too.
Aldo had these booties/shoes for 50% off. $40.00! Although when I brought them home I felt like it was soo wrong to add to my other 6 pairs of black boots!/booties. I think it's time for some color!! I like the heal on these, it's a little thicker. Where I walk to work my stilettos always get caught in the interlocking, and I've been ruining alll my heals! grr!
This week we are completing our reno's and hopefully will not be doing anything else until summer. Reno's are a lot of work! A lot of cleaning! I'll have pics of what we did and the end of the week!

Are you doing any reno's? I think you know how I feel :)

Monday, February 07, 2011

Reno's completed!

So our first reno's of the year are done!

We installed pot lights. Here are some before and after pics. I'll take better ones once the house is actually cleaned from all the dust!

Before Living Room
After Living Room (and hanging kitchen pendants on island)
Before Dining Room
After Dining Room

My husband also painted our spare bathroom and master bathroom. Thanks hunny!

Tonight I went grocery shopping and bought lots of fruits and veggies! Last week I was sick with a bad tummy ache and even swollen glands! But I'm all better and my ultrasound ruled our gallbladder stones!! Whew! So I know what that means for me. Take care of my insides!

This week I'm planning veggie filled salads for lunch, fruits and veggies for snacks and lots of home cooked meals!

Happy Monday!