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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

End of summer fun!

Ok so my titles these days are all the same. My blog is my own little snap of all the fun things we do as a family. I love being able to search a year or month and read up a little summary of fun times. So my titles, meh, not a big deal. 

Now back to summer fun!

Birthday fun! August is full of birthdays! 

Friday we had a breakfast date for my sisters birthday! 

The kids had a blast! They all ordered the same thing with a chocolate milk! 

Mmm going for breakfast is one of my favorite things. I think us moms had at least 4 cups of coffee that morn. Ha!
Mmm eggs, bacon, pancakes. Sooo good! 

Then we headed to the zoo

Hhaha ok so we were a little terrified. These animals were chasing us for food! 

And boy was It was a hot day! 

After the zoo we went home to relax then got ready to go to the drive in theatre! 

We love the drive in!

We changed the kids into their pj's. We brought pillows and blankets and got comfy! 

The kids were so cute, eating their snacks and chatting away.

Then Saturday was birthday party number 2 for my niece! 

Little k isn't a fan of face painting, my older niece convinced him to get one on his hand. He was cool with that! 

I love this pic. He was Sooo happy that he got ghost busters! 
Little Mikey loved the dairy free cupcake his Tia got him. Nomnomnom 

The fun didn't end there! 

We had another birthday party Sunday. 

We were exhausted from the weekend! Saturday nights party had us home at 3am! 

The weather has been great. So daily bike rides are a must! 

This week is all about back to school prep! 

Baby M will be off to daycare in a month too! So I'm getting all his things ready too! 

These little guys are growing up so fast! 
These Darth Vader pj's with a cape just are too too cute! I sent my husband to the Disney store last week to pick up some pj's and of course he picked Star Wars pj's! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

30 weeks and dino fun!

30 weeks!!! The countdown is on!!!!

I feel like we just found out I was pregnant and here we are at 30weeks! 

We had a fun weekend even tho the weather wasn't too great! 

We started off the weekend satisfying a Preggo craving at Red Lobster! 

Saturday morning I went for a much needed mani/pedi :) then we were out and about running errands and stopped by my grandparents house for a visit 

Little k just loves his great grandparents! He calls them super Nonna and super nonna  ha!! 

That's a cherry face! Ha! His smile just melts my heart!! My love! 

Then in the evening we went to watch Jurassic world at the drive in theatre!!!! 

As you know,  little k loves dinosaurs!! We have a house full of them!! 

He loved the whole experience! Although he ended up falling asleep mid movie he still saw his favorite dinos and had fun eating popcorn and cotton candy and jumping around in the car ha! 

Today was a rainy day!!! We were out running errands for a bit today but spent most the the day indoors with my boys. Playing, organizing and talking new baby brother!! 

Soon we'll be 4!! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Little mans last week of school is this week!