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Friday, April 12, 2019

Catch up

My blog has always been sort of an online album with descriptions of all our memories. I still haven’t decided if I’ll continue on this way or change it up. I do love being able to read back on different stages of our lives and how far we’ve come; hence, growing towards a dream... my 10 years ago self  had many of the things I have today on my vision board! 

Back to being “back” since I missed sooo many months of posting, I’ll quickly add 100 pics below haha!! With short descriptions. Jusssst so I can have them logged here! Haha 
Then the next blog post I want focused on our February family trip. You can see many of the pics on my Instagram too. 

Ok here we go!
August 2018! Baby M turned 3!!!!
 This little 3 year old is full of energy but loves a good cuddle. He’s super sweet and loves singing. Especially Drake songs. Gods plan his fave! 

My birthday is in August too! This year (2018) I had a little weekend getaway with my mom, who shares the same birthday as I, and my sister and aunt! We went to two sisters winery and had soo much fun. I can’t wait to do it again this year! 

This summer we got a boat! Soo many of our weekends and weeknights we were on the water! 

Ok this post might be longer than I thought haha. 

We can’t forget our yearly traditions of camping! 

Last year was even more fun with baby M being older and loving the great outdoors. 

Over the summer we decorated the new home and had many family get togethers. 

We had our thanksgiving day turkey tradition. The kids love making the turkey all together. It’s a whole family event! 

Oh wait, can’t forget that Mr K also started a new school! He was so brave! I was so worried about the switch, but as always he shocked me! He loves his new school. 

Ok where are we. Hmm. Our fam traditions. TFC soccer, great wolf lodge, Santa! Christmas and New Years! 

Kris turned 7!!! It’s been Minecraft everything, everyday! 

Our unfinished backyard has a hill which was the BEST this winter! Soo much fun! 

Great wolf lodge is always so much fun. 

Santa! Haha baby M was still terrified. We all had to sit on Santa. 

Happy New Year! Haha. We hosted NYE at our house and everyone had a blast. 

Winter has been long! And cold! 

As I quickly summed up the last 9 months 🤦🏻‍♀️ I wish I would have blogged each of those moments with more detail! For now I just wanted to get up to date. Although I missed a whole lot! But you try scrolling through thousands of pics haha. Not easy! 

So that leaves me to my next blog post before I get back to regularly posting.

Our 2019 family vacay! 😘😘if you read up until now you are awesome. I’ll be back soon! 

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Birthday fun! 

MrK turned 6!

The great thing about having your birthday close to Halloween is that all the party stores are open till midnight! So I went the night before after the kids were asleep to  get birthday balloon to be a surprise in the morning!

I love putting together the year pics of the kids growing up. I can’t believe this little boy is already 6! I know I say that every year. The years do go by fast it seems!
He was sooo excited to have a Ninja warrior party!
What are you into these days MrK? Yup ninjas, ninjago, Pretty much every kind of toy, but definitely things like putty and slime! You love telling stories and listening to stories. Especially scary stories. You love learning about the solar system and you are always asking questions about the world and everything in it! You are growing up so fast and maturing too. You love to help and be part of every conversation. Asking questions and gathering information haha You remember EVERYTHING! You bring up memories that even I have to think twice to remember. You are loving grade 1 and adjusted so well. You still love sushi! It’s still your number 1 restaurant choice. Followed by steak and your veggies. You love your broccoli and buluesberries. You always want us to buy and try new meats or fish you see at the butcher. Mommy isn’t ready to cook those things haha.

How cool was your party! Your friends and cousins had a blast!

Haha little brother was trying to do flips!

Mmm and your cake was sooo yummy!! Chocolate and vanilla goodness!

Happy birthday Mr K!!!