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Friday, October 07, 2016

School yard corn roast!

Yesterday we had little K's classroom meet and greet followed by a school yard corn roast! 

Little K was soo excited to show us his classroom. 

He showed us his favorite stations and his favorite spot to sit and read in the class. 

We talked with his teacher. Getting the SK update. Little K is doing so well. He's very independent and taking on the SK helper roll. 

His teacher says she just loves his sense of humour and his contagious laugh! Haha that is little K! 

Baby M was excited to touch and climb everything. Little k loved showing off his little brother too haha.

 We love his school. We love the way they teach and the values they instil in their students. 

I love that they always have healthy snacks available in the classroom and office just in case the kids need an extra snack. 

Once we were done in the classroom we headed out to the school yard for the corn roast. Yum! Little k ate 2!! Then he was busy running and playing with his friends. 



Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Back to work!

Last week was my first week back to work after maternity leave :(

We planned and prepared for the week as much as we could! We wanted a smooth start to the week. 

Making dinners that last 2 nights in a row.
Or getting takeout when we felt the burn of the week taking a toll. 

Picking out all our clothes for the week. 
Preparing lunches the night before and making easy breakfasts. 

Our days are long. Baby M and I are out the door at 7am! 

The first 3 days was really hard for baby M. There were a lot of tears. From both him and I!

But he is getting the hang of it. This week was much better. A few tears but he's having a great day. 

We have a good schedule we are following and the key to it all is preparation. Preparing on the weekend and the night before. 

We all have our part and we are working together as a team. Little K has been helping out and it melts my heart. He's such a big boy and adjusted so well to the new schedule with no fuss. 

We are in week 2! And slowly getting the hang of this new routine. 



Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Third week of school!

Third week of school and daycare prep for baby M! 

I can't get enough of these ghost busters shirts! Ha! I bought a few more matching outfits for these kiddos. I'll milk it for as long as I can!
Little K is not a picky eater when it comes to his lunches. So making lunch has been pretty easy.  He does ask for bocconcini daily and he's loving hummus. He likes his apples whole and he's loving those lunch box chocolate granola bars and of course he likes carrots over those pretzels. Yummy! Twice a week he will have the school hot lunch which is pasta and pizza and a carton of milk daily. He's not a huge milk drinker but this year he said he wanted the chocolate milk. So let's see!

Now it's time for baby M to transition to daycare :( 

This kiddo is on the fast track. He already seems older than 1! He watches and learns so fast from big bro! 

We got all his items ready... Diapers, blankets, toys, utensils, clothes and snacks! He was ready for his first day! Only 2.5 hours today. And of course he was just fine. He is surrounded by little girls and he had so much fun. He ate a little lunch and snacks while there too. Of course baby M! You loveeee to eat! 

With his little "today is going to be awesome" shirt. It was awesome!

Ohhh my baby. I'm so in love with this little fireball!!

Next week it's back to work for me and a new schedule for all of us! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

First week of school!

Little k was excited for back to school last week! Little brother definitely missed him last week! 
He got a new paw patrol school bag. 
We packed his yumbox and snacks in his lunch bag and he was ready! 

He has a great first week! Seeing all his friends again and he has the same teacher which we just adore! 
First week photos! 

Getting back into the routine has been pretty smooth! I'm grateful to be home right now to help it all go soo smooth! 

Back into the routine of early bedtime and early wakeup! Out the door at 7:15 for before school program. I'm soo happy he has so many friends in the before and after school program and he loves it! So proud of my little guy! 

Paper work to fill out is still coming in his backpack this week. Ha! Us parents just love that part. Lunch and milk program all set for October too! Mommy is on the ball! 

We are looking forward to a great year! 

Swimming lessons and piano lessons begin soon for fall too! :) 

So Friday night we went out to celebrate the new school year, with little k's favorite meal! Sushi!!! 

Have a great week friends! 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fun Thursday!

Today was a busy fun filled day! 

It began with baby M's physio therapy 

His torticollis is much better. He can fully move his head around, he's much stronger now too! He's a big boy!

And such a happy boy. 

Then the rest of the day was all about big bro!

He had 2 concerts! 

Baby M and I went to the afternoon show. The school parking lot was closed so I met a friend up the street and parked. We walked together down to the school. It's a little strip of shops and restaurants on the way to the school We saw many of the other moms as we walked, it was like being in a small town ha! 
I carried baby M in the baby bjorn and he was loving it. The weather here is awesome for December so the walk was so nice.,

We were seated in the middle and Little k couldn't see me in the audience, he kept looking around. He was Soo cute! 
Singing in his first concert! Well he had one concert when he was 3 but that one he left the stage before it even began! 

Then we went home to wash up and get ready for the evening concert! 

He met up with his friends and they were all so cute jumping around with excitement. 

Little k performed even better this evening knowing we were there watching him. At the end of the first song he saw daddy and yelled out DADA and waved. Ha! It was the cutest and everyone laughed. 

Little k was pooped and fell asleep as soon as we got home. My back is in pain now  carrying my chubby monkey all day! Haha. We all had so much fun. 

Psst. New blog image is coming soon! 

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Junior Kindergarden observation day

This week we had Jk observation day. Parents were able to go into class and watch the little's in their classroom.

Little k's teacher explained their fun filled daily routine. 

I was pretty impressed with their teaching style. They teach 5 kids at a time in different areas. They have teacher, a prep teacher, ECE teacher and 2 volunteers. 

They have many stations in the classroom , all to get them to explore their creative, imagination and problem solving skills.

Ha! A starbucks play area too! With a cashier, name tags and cups too. 

Little k noticed me 10mins in. So it was great seeing him play for 10mins with his buddies. 

When he noticed me, he was so excited. He brought me around the class and showed me his pictures, his cubby and  his favorite things to do. 

He loves playing with his friends. With cars, Legos, dinosaurs and other animals. He's not into drawing or coloring that much so he doesn't go to those stations that much. 

He loves school which is great! He's learning so much everyday and it's awesome seeing him change from one day to the next. 

He gets weekly homework to help with sounds, writing and math. He really likes match and enjoys the phonics songs! 

We have our own practice books too! 

He's growing up so fast! 
Just Love this little boy! 

And of course this little boy too! 

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Junior Kindergarden day 2!

 A full day of class today!

Today I wanted to drop off little k for his first full day of class. It was a little hard getting the 2 boys ready and out the door early. Little k took his toast to go and with the rain we hit traffic and ended up being 20mins late! Oops! 

Little k walked in and changed into his  indoor shoes and the ece teacher took him over to circle time. He even forgot to say bye to mommy! :( 

I was worried about him today because last night he was hyper and fought beftime and didn't have that many hours of sleep!

But I didn't need to worry! 

As I stood outside the Kindergarden gate with 30 other parents, the doors opened and the kids came flooding out. Little k, my little boy was the only one to yell loud and clear, Hi mama!!!!! With a big smile. Ohhh my heart!!! He also yelled out, did you buy my cake pop! Haha he made the other moms laugh. Yes, yes I did get that cake pop! He was happy. 

The ECE teacher told me that little k was snacking all day pretty much. Yup, sounds like him. 

The drive home I asked him about his day and he let me know that he went to the bathroom but didn't wash his hands ha, great. He played with the kids and ran too fast and fell and scraped his knee , he didn't cry. Soo cute! 

He pretty much finished his lunch.


Tomorrows lunch.

Can't wait to hear about tomorrows day! 
Daddy is doing drop offs from now on.

While little k was at school all day I spent the day with my baby boy. 

Tonight was a little rough with the new bedtime routine. Especially since all the kids on the street were playing outside. 
Ugh it was hard but little k was asleep at 8:15 and he will be well rested for his third day of school! 

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The first day of junior kindergarden

Here we are, beginning JK! 4 years ago still more than a month away from your birthday! 

My little boy. You were a baby in my arms just 4 years ago! 

At almost 4 years old you have been to 2 different daycares, a montessori school and now public school. I felt confident about today and your independent little self beginning your first day! You are good with change and adapt pretty fast. You are very vocal about what you like and don't like! So we will hear about it forsure! 

This morning as we had breakfast you expressed that you rather be home! Ha! I took a video of our conversation it was pretty cute! 

We styled your hair, like you asked. 

We packed up your little brother and drove to the school. 

You were ready! Head held high and walked in the school like you knew all about it! 

Not one tear from any of us haha.

You went in with a teacher,
She walked you to your class. 

You didn't even look back! Thx for that! Ha!

When I picked you up you said you had fun! You loved your new class! 

I had a cake pop waiting for you! You loved that!! I'll have Cake pops for you all week! Yay! This is a big deal this JK! 

I am so happy! Hoping day 2 is just as smooth!!

I have your lunch packed and ready. 

In your backpack was a package of forms. I spent the evening signing these forms. Lunch and milk programs too. I even filled out your agenda with the upcoming days off and teacher meetings. 

Mommy is just as excited as you are!!

My first baby off to school! We love you so much!