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Friday, May 22, 2015

27 weeks!!!

How far along: 27 weeks! Where is the time going!!! This pregnancy is flying by!

Third trimester coming right up! 

Size of baby: a Cauliflower! 

Total weight gain: 20lbs! 

Little k came with me to my appointment and heard the baby's heart beat. He was impressed!! 

Movement: active baby! more than little k was. 11pm is his most active time of day ha!

Cravings: ohhhhh, ice cream, ice coffee are on the top of my list. Appetite is much bigger these days.


We are soooo excited to be a family of 4. Little K is soo excited for his little brother. We are talking about baby Michael all the time these days. Preparing Kristian for what is to come. He will be such a good big brother! He’s already telling us he will help with baby and play with baby and even buy the baby small toys hahhahaah. adorable!

Have a great weekend!! Part 3 of our Florida trip coming soon! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

13 weeks!

Pregnancy update! 

How far along: 13 weeks but I feel like I've been pregnant forever haha

Size of baby: Lime

Gender: can't wait to find out next month!

Sleep: no problem here! I am soo tired! Haha

Cravings: I have more food aversions than cravings. But in my cravings lists  it's anything salty but also strawberries and apples! 

We are so excited. Little K talks about the baby all the time. He will randomly kiss my belly and say he loves the baby. How sweet. ;)